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New Video: A.I. Platform March 2020 Release

March 26, 2020

Watch as Jasmina Fiteska walks through functionality included in the March 2020 release of Coleman Artificial Intelligence Platform. Stay tuned for next month’s video outlining …

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Infor ION Scripting

January 16, 2020

Watch this video as a first in a series of three newly released YouTube videos outlining ION Scripting. Keith Knuth walks users through the basics …

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Using the Workflow Scheduler

January 9, 2020

Watch this newly released YouTube video as Keith Knuth walks users through how to use the ION Workflow Scheduler. Using this tool, users are able …

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Utilizing ION Business Rules

November 26, 2019

When it comes to business process automation, Infor ION holds the key to complete system integration. The key to unlocking a seamlessly integrated and automated …

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Easily Start your Workflows Using Homepages

November 8, 2019

Being that workflows are the lifeblood of any functioning business, the Infor OS team never misses an opportunity to help you get the most use …

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