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Infor OS CE: Feature Rollout for September 2022

September 15, 2022

This month marks the following new feature rollout for users of the Infor OS Cloud Edition (CE).

Enterprise UX

  • Infor GO Profile Configuration Settings: Infor has added a self-service capability to pre-configure domains to your environment. Once configured, users will be able to enter their organization identifier (e.g. email address) and a backend service will return a list of matching tenants.
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  • Remove .IONAPI File Configuration Support: With the General Availability of our new Domain Service, we are removing support for configuring Infor GO via the .ionapi file. The Infor GO app will no longer be presented as an option to open every file type, even those it cannot open, on Android devices.
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  • Pre-populate Native Infor Mobile Apps for Infor GO: Infor has improved the native app linking capability to make it easier to link other native Infor mobile apps to Infor GO by pre-populating a list of existing apps from which a Tenant Administrator can add. Linking 3rd party apps is still supported but configuration will remain manual.
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  • Enable Document Output Versioning: The IDM Document Output has been expanded to support the option of document versioning. Users can now have multiple versions of a single output document rather than create a new document with every change. This helps identify which version is current, improves historical tracking, and reduces duplicate files.
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Coleman Digital Assistant

  • Build Prompt for Linking Amazon Account: While trying to set up Alexa integration with Coleman DA, user is informed that they cannot link an Amazon Account without building their first set of skills. This is due to the “lazy build” feature which triggers the underlying infrastructure automation after triggering the first bot building.
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Enterprise Application Integration

  • DATE AND TIME and DATE Parameter Expression: “Date” and “Date and time” parameter types have been added as additional expressions for the “Set parameter” step of a workflow. Users can add/subtract seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, or years from Date (days, months, or years) and Date and Time parameter types and for the Date parameter type, the Today() expression has been added.
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API Gateway

  • Set Variable Step: A new activity, Set Variable, has been added to the ION API modeler. Users can use a set variable to assign a static or dynamic value to the variable and use that value in the next steps in the ION API flow.
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Data Fabric

  • Naming & Description Validations: New validations have been added to the Name and Description input fields and will now alert users when they have hit a character ceiling (255 characters).
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  • Node Management: When interacting with a node in either its context or action panels, users are able to action drill to Data Catalog and select a node to be the primary node.
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  • Import Notifications: When importing Metagraphs, the application will use a selection of banners to inform users whether the import was successful or not. If any issues are encountered, users can expand for more details to learn why a Metagraph was unable to be imported.
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  • Bulk Ingestion API Renamed to Batch Ingestion API: The bulk ingestion API used by clients to directly upload data to Data Lake has been renamed to Batch Ingestion API.
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A similar set of features will be available in the next on-premise release of Infor OS. A full list of new features, bugs fixed, and other documentation can be found on the Infor Support Portal.  Learn more about Infor OS here or contact us anytime.

Don’t see a feature you want?  Log into the Infor Support Portal and click on Resources > Enhancement Requests.  You can enter your own and vote for others.

For more information on product updates, please see the release training that is available to customers on Infor Campus.


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