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Landmark Web Security Administration – Author Management

December 8, 2021

By Delmar Dehn, Senior Product Manager

In the video below, Pamela Schultz, Principal Learning Consultant, Infor, introduces author management with Web Security Administration. She discusses how author management allows users to track and manage security assignments, which includes a view of roles and the security classes assigned to the roles, and roles assigned to the actor. Author management also provides access to manage and view security activation. Pamela demonstrates Web Security Administration’s author management for finding an actor’s role assignments as well as how to find the actors and roles that are assigned to a security class, which security classes are assigned to a role, and viewing which actors are assigned to roles that contain a specific security class. Pamela concludes by recommending pertinent Infor Education training courses. Be sure to watch for future Web Security Administration videos.

If you’d like to learn more about Web Security Administration or schedule a demonstration, then please contact your Infor Client Account Executive or contact us any time.

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