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Infor OS cloud usage stats now available

July 22, 2021

It is common for our customers to ask how much of individual Infor OS cloud services they are consuming. Some information has been available within the product user interface, but until now there was no single dashboard that told you multiple statistics in one place. Here is how to access this valuable info.

Step 1: Log into Infor Concierge

Go to and login. You will need to be a “Contact Admin” or someone a Contact Admin has given specific access to Usage Reports. If you don’t have access to Infor Concierge contact your system administrator within your company.

Step 2:

Click on the usage report block within the “Welcome to Infor Concierge” widget

Step 3:

A dashboard of statistics is displayed in the Usage Report. The report will be titled with the Service Level of OS (Essentials, Professional, or Enterprise) that you are licensed for.

Step 4:

Click on a tile in the report to see more detailed information, including your usage over time.

Infor Concierge is a great place to access many different tools and information regarding your Infor solution. We hope this addition of Infor OS usage statistics make the site even more valuable.


2 responses to “Infor OS cloud usage stats now available”

  1. Susan Pustka says:

    Our System Administrator does not have rights to assign Usage Reports from within Admin set up for Concierge.

    How does he get that access?

  2. Keith Knuth says:

    The ability to enable Usage Reports for other employees within your company can only be done by a Concierge contact administrator. The steps for how a contact administrator can enable usage report can be found on the Usage Report User Guide attached to KB 2201273. If your contact administrator cannot see this option within Concierge, please raise an incident against the Worldwide Customer Care product and Infor Support Portal – Customer Care product line.

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