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Infor Applied Innovation works with Miller Industries to drive growth and employee satisfaction

July 20, 2021

The pandemic has changed business practices worldwide. As COVID has changed the landscape of the workforce dramatically, Miller Industries took a data-driven approach that was already validated utilizing the technology stack with Infor Birst to make changes into their workforce. Watch Will Miller, Co-CEO, and Jamison Lindon, Chief Manufacturing Officer, discuss the process in the video below:

While workforce changes provided enormous efficiency gains to Miller Industries, Infor’s Applied Innovation team worked closely with Miller Industries to implement new solutions that gave employees better flexibility and eliminated additional manual processes with paper reports and work orders. Sias Reyneke, CIO at Miller Industries, explains more:

The implementation of this solution involved extending an existing instance of Factory Track utilizing Infor’s Mongoose low-code development platform. Distribution of kiosks throughout the workplace that allows multi-use between traditional Factory Track operations and clock management allows Miller Industries to provide their employees a convenient experience while streamlining operations and eliminating paper reports.

With the ability to clock in and out at a workstation, this prevents overcrowding and queueing at terminals as shifts start and end. Furthermore, the impact of creating more space had other beneficial implications as well: employees could choose to park closer to the entry nearest their work location rather than closest to the station where they could clock in and out previously, giving a boost in employee satisfaction.

Extending this Mongoose dashboard onto Infor Factory Track allows for users to have everything they need at their fingertips with an incredibly simple process.

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