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Infor Birst 7.8 New Release Highlights

May 17, 2021

Join the Infor Birst Product Management in an upcoming webinar May 26 at 12pm EST for an overview of the latest Birst product release.  The table below captures the highlights of the new release and will be the focus of the webinar discussion to improve the analytic experience.

During the webinar, here are a few examples which will be covered with live demonstrations.

Navigation and Performance Improvements

  • Faster access to objects in Connect and Prepare
  • Analyze by Date off by default
  • Publication Details in Monitoring

Advanced Search in Space Management

  • Faster access to objects in Connect and Prepare
  • Save / Cancel in Prepare

Application Workflows

  • Infor Analytics Application workflows to improve the process of applying Infor delivered upgrades to a customer’s application

Designer HTML5 Experience

Functional and usability improvements for Designer

Infor Document Management Integration

Enable Infor Document Management integration to centrally manage and securely store Birst offline reports and dashboards

Homepage Birst Banner Widget

  • Birst Banner Widget is now available in Infor OS Homepages.
  • Displays charts on the top of the homepage, making it readily available to access charts.
  • Uses the same features from homepage Birst widget. Such as: explore a chart and apply filters visually.


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