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Infor Document Management with Infor Financials & Supply Management – Distribution and Email Templates

April 21, 2021

Welcome to the IDM with Infor FSM blog series.

In this series we are going to dive into how Infor Financials & Supply Management leverages Infor Document Management and show how they can be used in concert to store, create, and capture documents. Each article will provide a short description and a concise 3-5 minute video demonstrating the feature in focus.

The first parts of the series will show how IDM is configured for use with Infor Financials & Supply Management. We will also show how documents are manually uploaded through Infor FSM and introduce the IDM mobile application.

The middle part of the series will focus on creating good-looking documents using Infor’s tooling that comes with Infor OS. Infor FSM provides documentation and starter templates that can be used to produce over 30 unique and attractive document types including invoices, purchase orders, and checks. This section of the series will also introduce the IDM Microsoft Word plug-in and show how it can be used to develop and test custom document templates. We will also cover how to setup check printing and automatically distribute select printed documents.

The series will close out with posts covering the integration between Infor FSM and Infor Capture. This new integration will allow for touchless scanning, classifying, and processing of invoices.

The IDM with Infor FSM blog series will include:
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Configuring IDM for Infor FSM
Part 3: Manually Uploading Documents
Part 4: Using the IDM Mobile App
Part 5: Printing Documents with IDM
Part 6: Document distribution and email templates
Part 7: Infor Enterprise Print
Part 8: Customizing Document Templates in Microsoft Word
Part 9: Adding User Fields to an Output Template
Part 10: Check Printing
Part 11: Contract Management and Redlining
Part 12: Introducing Infor Capture for Infor FSM
Part 13: Configuring Infor FSM and Infor Capture

In this post’s part 6 video, Chris Wiekert, Product Director, shows how the automated emailing and printing features of FSM are used to distribute documents to colleagues, suppliers, vendors, managers, and other people that need them to perform their daily activities. In the next video we will take this process one step further and demonstrate how to enable printing using Infor’s new Enterprise Print feature. Be sure to watch for the upcoming Infor Document Management with Infor Financials & Supply Management articles and videos in the coming weeks.

If you’d like to learn more about Infor Document Management, Infor Capture, or how these game changing technologies are used in Infor Financials & Supply Management, then please contact your Infor Client Account Executive or contact us any time.


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