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Inforum 2020: Infor OS Sessions

September 11, 2020

Come join us for Inforum 2020 to learn and discover more about the various features and flexibility of Infor OS along with our plans for the future. Register now.

Infor OS Platform

  • Infor OS
    • Reintroducing the cloud operations platform, the journey, and the new center of gravity for innovation.
  • Q&A
    • Join Massimo Capoccia and Rick Rider for an Infor OS Q&A at 11am EST on Tuesday, September 15.

Data & Integration

  • Vision: Infor OS, the future with Data Fabric
    • Join the Infor OS product management team to glean insights into what’s cooking for new features across the Data Lake, Data Catalog, and data exploration capabilities.
  • Deeper dives into Compass SQL
    • Join an accelerated session to learn more about the key features and capabilities of Compass SQL. You’ll learn how you can start to layer and leverage queries to explore data evolution, process data based on object metadata, and how Infor architects and builds solutions using the same features.
  • Bring intelligent process automation to your enterprise
    • Learn how the evolution in Infor OS capabilities is enabling next generation management of your business processes, from proactive near real time event management to automated workflow orchestration. Combined with machine learning, an API Gateway, and an integration engine, all of which are part of Infor OS, you have a platform designed to deliver intelligent process automation and so much more.
  • Securely opening your enterprise to take advantage of the cloud while keeping your firewall tightly shut
    • Got on-premises applications, printers, API’s, Databases, etc.? Wish they could play a bigger part in your cloud journey but concerned about opening them up to the internet or having to make holes in your firewall?  Learn how an Infor OS hybrid configuration option can simply and securely enable all of these on-premises resources to work with the cloud as one. You can spend your time thinking about adding value to the business by taking advantage of the latest multi-tenant cloud innovations instead of worrying about security or missing out with on-premises only solutions that can’t match the power of the cloud.
  • Infor GRC: Moving your GRC strategy from plan to reality
    • See what’s new in Infor GRC and explore our vision for the future. We will also cover product milestones, such as support for a hybrid architecture, integration with Infor Coleman, and integration with non-Infor business applications. Additionally, we will look at future compliance plans for Infor GRC.

Enterprise User Experience

App Development

Artificial Intelligence

Product Demos


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