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Infor Landmark Reporting – Report Distribution Groups

July 21, 2020

By Delmar Dehn, Senior Product Manager

Welcome to the Infor Landmark reporting video series part 9.

Infor Landmark reporting is a powerful “report anywhere” feature to configure and display current, historical, future or audit data in any Infor Landmark technology platform based application. For example, Infor Landmark reporting can be used to tailor List Views in any Infor CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management application screen, any Infor Global Human Resources application screen, and any Infor Talent Management application screen. Infor Landmark reporting can be used to personalize business end users’ screens to provide just the information that they need in context at their fingertips without requiring IT. Business end users can easily filter data, export it to PDF, CSV or Microsoft Excel, create personalized reports, distribute reports automatically to others based on their security privileges, and schedule their personalized reports to recur on their preferred frequency. All with no IT required. Infor Landmark reporting’s capabilities apply to any Infor Landmark technology platform based application. Infor Landmark reporting changes take effect in real-time. And Infor Landmark reporting can be used by Infor cloud based customers and Infor on-premises customers. The video demonstrations are hosted and narrated by one of Infor’s foremost Infor Landmark reporting subject matter experts, Don Peterson, Principal Development Business Analyst.

The Infor Landmark reporting video series will include:

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Export List to PDF or Microsoft Excel
Part 3: Filtering a List
Part 4: Creating a Report
Part 5: Report Filter Criteria
Part 6: Changing Filter Criteria
Part 7: Rearranging Fields
Part 8: Removing Fields
Part 9: Report Distribution Groups
Part 10: Actor Role Changes Audit Report

In this post’s part 9 video, Don describes and demonstrates Infor Landmark reporting’s Report Distribution Groups capability. The Report Distribution Groups capability enables users to automatically distribute Infor Landmark reports in PDF or CSV formats to defined groups of people. Don walks through how to set up an Actor Group, Report Distribution Profile, and Report Distribution Group. Don describes and demonstrates how to take a user created List View report, schedule it to run, and automatically distribute the report as a PDF document to a defined group of people. Users can schedule Report Distribution Groups to run automatically on any desired frequency. Be sure to watch for future Infor Landmark reporting videos.

If you’d like to learn more about Infor Landmark Reporting or schedule a demonstration, then please contact your Infor Client Account Executive or contact us any time.


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