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Recent Enhancements for Infor Smart Office for Lawson

June 11, 2020

By Vince McGowan, Senior Principal Software Engineer

With each 10.2.1.x hot fix for Smart Office, in addition to fixes of reported issues, many enhancements have also been included. With each release, we update the Knowledge base article that summarizes those changes (KB-1626878). This post will provide some additional detail about the enhancements included over the second half of 2019 and those so far in 2020, hot fixes 38 to 49. (HF38)

1) A Query and Tools menu were added to the API Builder tool.

2) Support for the script debug console was added to the Lawson Script Tool and the Object Browser.

3) Three new events were added to the scripting model and documented in the Object Browser:
– IField.FieldVisibilityChanged
– IForm.FormActivated
– IForm.FormDeactivated (HF39)

1) Added rowSpan, colSpan parameters to MoveDetailElement script API.
2) Add scripting and personalization features to remove a detail tab control.
3) Allow user selection list on Job Owner fields in Job lists.
4) Added ability to perform ‘contains’ filter on username fields in User select window. (HF40)

1)  Drill Around ‘breadcrumbs’ text was converted to clickable links. (HF41)

1) Added username lookup to the Personalization Manager. (HF44)

1)  Added a condition tooltip for indices in S3 API (Data Query) Builder.

2) Added a list view display to the test of an API Builder data query. (HF45)

Note: this hot fix requires a Smart Office server update. This hot fix caused a regression in distributing reports to users which is resolved in hot fix 49.

1)  Added ability to export cached items on S3 User Settings Cache tab.

2) Added tabs for form and list personalizations on S3 User Settings Cache tab. (HF46)

1)  Actions are restricted for certain list driven tokens. For example, if AP90.1 and GL90.1 are defined by applications development as list driven, filtering features are available but but Change, Delete, and Edit List in Excel are removed as options.

2) The standard form status bar adorners may be clicked to the appropriate action. (HF47)

1) Added ability to set Global and Role default values. For details click here.

2) Provided the ability in script to use label elements with the Drill Select manager (if, for example, a key field has been set to Read Only which renders it as a label). (HF48)

1) Added button to S3 script tool to launch search in Object Browser.

2) Added scripting method to launch list driven form. (HF49)

1) Create new S3 widget: Manager, Employee, Requisitions self-service navigation. For details click here.

2) Add Role Manager option to reset selected flags for all roles. For details click here.


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