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Infor OS CE: Feature Rollout for June 2020

June 9, 2020

This month marks the following new feature roll-out to users of Infor OS Cloud Edition (CE).

Infor ION

  • PGP Key Expiration:
    • PGP keys pairs in ION can now be generated with a defined expiration date. Expiration dates of PGP keys are now also validated.
  • Delete Business Rules:Business rules, to be used in workflows as an approval matrix or a decision matrix, can now be deleted.
  • Scripting Execution API:
    • The Scripting Execution API is introduced in the Infor ION Suite. It allows you to list the scripts, get script details and execute a script.
  • Multiple Input/Output for Scripts:
    • You can now define multiple input and output variables for a script.
  • Provide Metadata Titles & Format Selection Options:
    • Catalog users can provide descriptive metadata titles when registering their new metadata models.
    • Users can now update & override settings inferred by the wizard.

User Experience

  • Coleman DA Region Availability:
    • Coleman DA is now available in all AWS regions (except Canada and Tokyo) due to the newly expanded Lex service from Amazon. This positively impacts the performance for Coleman DA.
  • Coleman UI Update:
    • Added a new Coleman-specific UI separate from Infor Chat. Coleman is now accessible via the icon next to the search bar in the portal header.
  • Image Only Announcement Layout:
    • Ability to have an announcement that contains only an image.
  • Privileged User Dynamic Page Preview:
    • New Security Role ‘HOMEPAGES-Content Support’ provides read-only access to Homepages content and Admin tools.
  • Theming: Infor OS now supports Light, Dark, and High Contrast UI Theming.
  • User Impersonation & ID Translation:
    • Infor Document Management has fully adopted ION API Resource Owner Grant review. This is solely beneficial for hybrid customers. When document operations are completed in ERP applications, IDM will properly reflect the user performing those actions.


  • Coleman DA with Infor GO:
    • Coleman Digital Assistant is now available from within Infor Go.
  • Native External App Linking: Infor Go now supports the linking of any native mobile app.

A similar set of features will be available in the next on-premise release of Infor OS. A full list of new features, bugs fixed, and other documentation can be found on Infor Xtreme.  Learn more about Infor OS here or contact us anytime.

Don’t see a feature you want?  Log into Infor Xtreme and click on Resources > Enhancement Requests.  You can enter your own and vote for others.


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