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Lawson Self Service Widget in Infor Smart Office

June 5, 2020

By Vince McGowan, Senior Principal Software Engineer

Users of Lawson v10 Manager and Employee Self Service as well as the Requisition self-service center, now have a new Infor Smart Office widget to access those applications. Previously, instructions were provided as to how to use the RSS Reader widget for this purpose, but with this new widget relatively minor setup and maintenance is required and functions ‘out of the box’ from the Widget Library. The widget is available with HF 49, version

All the requirements to use these features in the Lawson Portal also apply in Smart Office:

  • Productline, Company, Employee attributes for the Manager and Employee self-service applications which corresponds to values setup in HR11.1
  • Requester attribute which corresponds to Requester setup in HR04.1 for the Requisition application
  • Access to the related set of bookmarks (returned by the IOS action, ListBookmarks)

New Role properties have been introduced to provide additional control over which users have access to the widget. The new properties are unchecked (default to off) and must be set to allow users (along with the other requirements) to see the widget in the Widget Library.

Self Service widget in Lawson Role Manager

While these are the minimum requirements for access in Smart Office, as always, backend security applies to any underlying Lawson applications for these features. And for example, many Manager Self Service features are dependent on the user employee being designated a supervisor on HR07.1.

Self Service widget and its settings panel

The widget functions much like the Navigator widget, providing a tree view control from which to launch each application, either in the Smart Office browser control (be sure Browser emulation is set to IE 11 in Smart Office settings) or in the user’s choice of a supported external browser. Drag and drop of leaf nodes on the canvas as shortcuts is also supported. Right-clicking a leaf node will present a context menu like that available on a canvas shortcut.

Leaf node context menu


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