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Reset Role Flags for all Lawson Smart Office Roles

June 3, 2020

By Vince McGowan, Senior Principal Software Engineer

A new option is available in the Lawson for Smart Office Role Manager which provides the ability to reset the flag properties (those ‘boolean’ values that enable/disable features) for all roles. This option is available with HF 49, version To access this functionality, click the new Reset button on the Role selection window.

Lawson Role Manager Reset properties access

Clicking the button brings up the new Reset Role Properties dialog.

Reset Role Properties dialog

Initially, all of the flag properties are listed in the ‘Available properties’ list box. The current state of the flag in the Default role is indicated by a checkmark for enabled and an X for disabled. Properties can be added to the ‘Selected properties’ in multiple ways: double-click, drag and drop, press the Enter key, or click the Add button. Selected properties can be removed from the list by: Remove button, All button, or press the Delete key.

Once properties and been selected for update, check or uncheck the Enable check box as desired and click Submit to apply the update. Note that the tooltip for the Submit button will reflect whether to enable or disable the selected flags and the count of the Roles to be updated. The default Role will also be reset by this action.

Properties selected to be disabled


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