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Infor OS CE December 2019: Updates to Infor Portal Along with new Features for Infor ION

December 10, 2019

This week marks the following new feature roll-out to users of Infor OS Cloud Edition (CE).

Infor Portal

  • Portal:
    • Inbox: A Go to Inbox drillback is added for active tasks and alerts, and for active tasks listed in the search spotlight.
    • Personally Identifiable Information: In the Infor Ming.le Portal and in Infor Ming.le Collaboration, Personally identifiable information (PII) is no longer included in any of the generated logs.
  • Infor Federation Services:
    • IP Address in Event Searches: The IP address is removed from Auditing and Monitoring event searches.
    • Password Expiration: Infor Ming.le Identities users are now emailed when a password is about to expire (7, 4, and 3 days prior to expiration).
    • Managing Users: Language, Locale, and Time Zone are now supported headers for User Import.
  • ION API:
    • Authorized Apps: The authorized app QR codes that are displayed in redirection to ION API are now identical to the QR codes that are emailed to users.
  • Infor Coleman Digital Assistant:
    • GDPR: Users with the new ColemanDA-DataAdmin security role can manage users’ Coleman messages. Messages can be downloaded, soft-deleted from the user interface, or permanently hard-deleted from the database.
  • Infor Go:
    • GDPR: User information is now deleted from the local database when a user selects Clear Data.
    • App Caching: The last five applications that users have opened within Infor Go are now cached to enable users to return to where they left off when they were last in the app.

Infor ION

  • OneView:
    • Seconds Search Filter: You can now search large volumes of data more effectively with the Seconds filter for the date and time range.
  • ION Connect:
    • ION API connection point default overrides: For Send from API and Trigger API actions, you can override the default handling for each HTTP response status code with actions to retry or generate the Confirm BOD.
  • ION Process:
    • Embedded Workflow View Widget: The ability to embed the Workflow Viewer widget (desktop only) is supported.
    • Expired Tasks and Alerts: You can now configure the automatic cancellation of expired tasks and alerts.
    • Redistribution of Tasks and Alerts: An API to redistribute tasks and alerts is available.
    • ION Desk: Support is added for not operators in Business Rules conditions.
  • Data Catalog:
    • Enhanced API: When the GET /v1/object/events API returns the list of objects that have been updated since a provided time stamp, the object type is included in the response.
  • Data Lake:
    • These improvements are available for the Data Lake Purge page in ION Desk:
      • Date/Time values are displayed in a consistent format in the From Date and To Date filter fields and in the Restore logs.
      • Validation is improved on the date fields to prevent the use of Date To values that are before Date From values and Date From values that are after Date To values.
      • The Logs section can now be expanded and collapsed with the use of a horizontal splitter.
  • Scripting:
    • Testing: On the Testing tab for scripts, when you type, paste, or upload an input test document or you get the test output, JSON and XML data formats are detected, and the syntax is highlighted accordingly.
  • Library Search: When adding library dependencies to a script, you can now search the available libraries in the Add Libraries dialog box.
  • Missing Library Version Indicator: On the Usage dialog box of a library, when a script is using a library version that is missing, an error indicator is displayed for that version.

A similar set of features will be available in the next on-premise release of Infor OS. A full list of new features, bugs fixed, and other documentation can be found on Infor Xtreme.  Learn more about Infor OS here or contact us anytime.

Don’t see a feature you want?  Log into Infor Xtreme and click on Resources > Enhancement Requests.  You can enter your own and vote for others.


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