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Infor OS CE November 2019: Many New Features for Infor ION and Portal

November 11, 2019

This week marks the following new feature roll-out to users of Infor OS Cloud Edition (CE).

Infor ION

  • Connect:
    • Infor Ming.le Message Listener deprecated in January 2020: The Infor Ming.le Message Listener is being deprecated and will be removed from ION January 2020 onward. Due to this deprecation, while there is an active message listener, a pop-up will be shown when ION Desk is being accessed, warning to take action to deactivate the message listener, including information about the needed steps.
    • Document configuration in Infor Ming.le connection point: On the Documents tab in ION Desk, the Infor Ming.le connection point has now configured the Sync.PulseTask, Sync.PulseAlert, and Sync.PulseNotification documents to be received in the application.
    • Enterprise Connector deployment with SQL Server Express 2017: Deployment of the Enterprise Connector is now also supported using SQL Server Express 2017 as the database.
  • Process:
    • Workflow Schedules: A new Workflow Schedules feature is added to the ION Process functionality. An ION Desk administrator can define and activate a schedule to start a workflow regularly from Workflow Schedules.
  • Pulse Engine emails with drillback links to Inbox: The _URL_TO_INBOX_ placeholder can be inserted in the customized email templates for the Pulse Engine. With this placeholder, the email notifications sent for an individual alert, task, or notification contain a link that opens this message in the Inbox application hosted in the Infor Ming.le Portal.
    • Inbox Application Settings: The application settings of the Infor Inbox application are now shared across browsers and devices.
  • Data Catalog:
    • Formatted view for BOD object schemas: When you navigate to the details of a BOD object in the Data Catalog, a Formatted View tab for BOD object schemas is available and displayed by default.
  • Scripting:
    • Redesigned Confirm BODs from script execution exception: Confirm BODs are now generated from script execution exception according to the design and limitations of the Scripting component.
    • Warning indicated for library with external dependencies to another library: If a library has external dependencies to another library that are is uploaded in ION, that library is now indicated with a warning on the Library Details tab.

Infor Portal

  • Portal:
    • Favicon: The default favicon is changed to the new Infor graphic.
  • Infor Federation Services:
    • Entity type for SCIM accounts: A new entity type for SCIM Accounts is available to track when a SCIM account is created, removed, or updated.
    • User removed audit transaction: When a user is deleted, a User Removed Audit transaction is triggered for the Entity Type security role.
    • Roles: You can now create a role for a specific application, and you can update an existing role to link to a specific application.
  • ION API:
    • Ability to add redirect URLs: You can now add multiple redirect URLs on the view or edit Authorized Apps page and the Create Authorized Apps page.
    • Email Options: You can now email native app configuration details and QR codes by using a selected redirect URL.
    • Authorized app download: You can now download an authorized app from a selected redirect URL.
    • Unique QR codes: You can now generate a unique QR code from a selected redirect URL.
  • Infor Chat:
    • Topic Settings: If a topic is set to add everyone in the group, then newly added members are dynamically added to the topic.
  • Infor Chat Mobile:
    • Coleman Skills: While having a conversation with Coleman, if the Coleman skill’s response is in charts, then charts are displayed.
  • Infor Coleman Digital Assistant:
    • Default response condition: A default response condition is added at the bottom of the Response tab for a response given if no defined conditions are met and no errors are encountered.
    • Confirmation Prompt: An optional confirmation prompt for the Navigate response action is added where users are prompted to confirm before the specified navigation occurs.

A similar set of features will be available in the 12.0.40 Infor OS release for on-premise customers. A full list of new features, bugs fixed, and other documentation can be found on Infor Xtreme.  Learn more about Infor OS here or contact us anytime.

Don’t see a feature you want?  Log into Infor Xtreme and click on Resources > Enhancement Requests.  You can enter your own and vote for others.


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