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Infor IoT with Built-In EAM Integration is now Generally Available

July 17, 2019

Infor Internet of Things (IoT) is now available in Infor Cloud Multi-Tenant deployments. Infor IoT provides pre-built integration for Cloud MT Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) customers, and can integrate with devices deployed anywhere including Cloud and On-Premise.

Infor IoT Overview

Device Portal

The Infor IoT Device Portal makes it easy to register devices and device templates for simplified onboarding. You can quickly see how many devices are registered and which ones are active.

Data Lake Storage

All incoming data streams from devices registered in the Infor IoT Device Portal will be automatically stored in the Infor Data Lake. You can extract this data with Infor services such as Coleman and Birst.


In addition to extracting device data from the Infor Data Lake and using BI tools, Infor IoT provides analytic tools directly in the Device Portal. This is a great way to quickly visualize data in different formats.

Rules Engine

Using the Infor Rules Engine you can take action on your IoT data. Create rules to monitor when device readings fall outside of specified thresholds and activate ION Workflows.

EAM Integrations

Infor IoT synchronizes IoT devices with EAM assets to make onboarding of devices simple and fast. This bidirectional synchronization means that your IoT devices are always organized in the context of their corresponding assets.

Predictive Maintenance

Use Infor IoT data to reduce unplanned downtime and increase operating efficiency. Using the Infor Rules Engine, ION, and Infor Coleman Machine Learning, Infor IoT can determine when assets are performing sub-optimally and use API calls to trigger Work Orders, Maintenance Requests, Notifications, and more.

For a full list of Infor IoT features, please refer to the documentation found on Infor Xtreme or

For questions about Infor IoT please contact your account manager or Infor Support. If you do not know who your account manager is, you can enter a support request on Infor Xtreme, and Infor Support will provide you with contact information.


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