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New Infor OS Portal feature: Inbox

May 9, 2019

Infor has in the past provided multiple ways for the system to message users about critical events, workflow approvals, and other messages. Email, mobile app notifications, homepage widgets, and Ming.le social network feeds have all been used to catch the attention of the user and direct them to the message. In our May cloud update Infor will be introducing a new method called Inbox.

The Inbox is a consolidated messaging center for all types of system messages. There are three varieties of messages. “Tasks” are messages that require the user to make a decision. They are typically from a workflow system that is asking the user to make a approve/reject type of decision. Infor OS Workflow uses Tasks for this purpose. “Alerts” are usually messages that communicate an exception to some kind of system processing. The user only needs to acknowledge the issue by selection a “done” action. Finally, “Notifications” are the last type of message and communicate an “FYI” to the user that some event happened. There is no action that is needed. Note that all of these messages can come from any system, Infor or non-Infor. The Infor OS API Gateway provides a suite of APIs for ION that allow any system to send in messages.

The new Inbox feature allows for all three of these types of messages to be displayed in one place. The Infor OS Portal makes sure that users are always aware of new unseen messages by displaying a red dot decorator on the envelope icon of the Portal navigation bar. Clicking on the envelope icon leads the user to the Inbox menu item. Note that the Inbox menu drop down lists other user interfaces for seeing messages. Over time, these other interfaces will merge into the Inbox as well. As this happens the other menu items will disappear from view since the Inbox will replace them.

We designed the Inbox for easy navigation. Because the Inbox is available via the Infor OS Portal navigation bar users can access their messages while working in any Portal application. This makes jumping into the Inbox or back to their application easy. While in the Inbox finding and accessing messages is also meant to be very self-evident. The layout of the interface resembles other popular electronic messaging apps. Your list of messages is on the left, and any selected message is displayed on the right. You will also find a new keyword search tool for all messages at the top of the message list. Other options that users are used to seeing in the Homepage widget UI are also available like multiple message select and filtering.

As mentioned, this new Infor OS Portal feature will be rolled out to our multi-tenant cloud users this month. There are no changes to other existing messaging UIs. On-premise users should see it in a release later this summer. A new user-guide will be available if you need online/print documentation. More features are planned for the Inbox so subscribe this blog or the release notes for more info. Visit our website to learn more about Infor OS.

Keith Knuth
Infor Product Director


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