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Announcing: MS Outlook Add-in for Infor OS Document Management

March 18, 2019

The Microsoft Outlook™ Add-in for Infor OS Document Management allows you to quickly upload email attachments directly into your IDM repository.

You can download the plugin from the Microsoft™ Add-in Store in Outlook.

The add-in is secured using the API Gateway. You can download the necessary credentials from the “Authorized Apps” section of the Infor ION API application. Upload the .ionapi file into the add-in and sign in.

Once authenticated, the plugin will automatically detect all attachments for a selected email. Choose the attachment you want to upload, select a document type, and fill in the attribute information. When you are finished, click “Upload to IDM” to push the document into your IDM repository.

This add-in requires:

  • IDM v12.0.32 or later
  • Microsoft Office 2013™ or later


One response to “Announcing: MS Outlook Add-in for Infor OS Document Management”

  1. Parthasarathy. V says:

    we have two API file in Authorized apps. One is IDMAPI and another is IDM Outlook plugin. Which one should we use for profile setup

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