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Infor OS Update: New Enhancements for Portal and Infor Document Management

February 5, 2019

This week marks the following new feature roll-out to users of Infor OS Cloud Edition (CE).

Infor Portal

  • Collaboration: A Country option is added to new supported languages, for example, English (Great Britain).
  • Localization Settings: The list of locales supported in the locale dropdown for Infor OS is updated. When the user sets the locale to the browser default, all locale formats for Infor OS applications are supported.
  • Data Management: When a tenant does not require email addresses, the user name is displayed for all Data Management screens.
  • Session Expiration: If a user has multiple tabs open and the session is expired, all tabs take the user to the logout screen.
  • Admin Settings: In Admin Settings, the Add New Users and/or IFS Security Roles button is now disabled when Grant access to all users is enabled. Since all users can now have access, there is no need to have this option.
  • Newly Supported Languages:
    • Bulgarian
    • English-UK
    • Estonian
    • French-Canada
    • Hindi
    • Latvian
    • Lithuanian
    • Slovakian
    • Slovenian
    • Spanish Argentina

Infor Chat

  • Pinned Teammates: A new feature is introduced where users can pin teammates to the teammate tray.
  • User Status: A new feature is introduced where users can change their status to inform teammates of their availability.
  • Teammate Tray: When users are added to a teammate tray with no message sent and the user refreshes, the teammate does not appear in teammate tray.

Infor Federation Services

  • Security Roles:
    • The Chat-GroupCreator Security role is added. This role gives users the ability to create groups.
    • New roles for EDI Connector are added.
  • Federated Security: The same IDP connection can be used for multiple tenants. On creation of an IDP connection, check the Enable Proxy Mode setting.
  • Concurrent Sessions: When the Enable 16 Hour Session option is selected, the session service creates sessions that have the expiration set to 16 hours by default.


  • ION API User Interface – Authorized Apps: A Download URL option is added for Windows-authorized apps.


  • Dynamic Facets: User interface changes were made to dynamic facets to improve overall aesthetic.

Coleman Digital Assistant 

  • Add Skill: Warnings on partial saves are added. When successfully saving an incomplete draft, you are warned that the skill will fail to build unless the given fields are complete.
  • Skill Details: An option is added to show or hide more than 5 utterances on the Skill Detail overlay.

Infor Document Management 

  • Printing related documents: Printing for related documents is now available. You can decide which documents to include and in which order to include them. Related documents are combined for printing. This functionality is accessed from IDM Detailed Document page > Contextual application.
  • Retention policies: Administrators can now set retention policies using a query builder instead of manually generating the XQuery expression and pasting it. The functionality is accessed from IDM Control Center >Configuration > Retention Policies. The former functionality is still available as an option.
  • Attribute ordering: Attribute ordering can now be done with drag and drop. This functionality is accessed from IDM Control Center > Administration > Document type > Attributes.
  • ION configuration: The ION configuration is redesigned to match the look and feel of the rest of IDM and InforOS. This functionality is accessed from IDM Control Center > Configuration > ION configuration.
  • Filtering document types: Document types can be filtered based on the IFS security role. This functionality is accessed from IDM Control Center > Configuration > Document Type Filter.
  • Configuration: The configuration menu has been moved out of the administration menu. This functionality is accessed from IDM Control Center > Configuration.

A similar set of features will be available in the 12.0.30 Infor OS release for on-premise customers. A full list of new features, bugs fixed, and other documentation can be found on Infor Xtreme.  Learn more about Infor OS here or contact us anytime.

Don’t see a feature you want?  Log into Infor Xtreme and click on Resources > Enhancement Requests.  You can enter your own and vote for others.


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