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Infor a fresh approach to ERP localization

December 15, 2018

Let’s face it, localization work is hard. Plus, localization functionality doesn’t offer the same pizzazz as other features do so many independent software vendors (ISVs) treat it as an afterthought or –even worse – something they push to partners. However, ERP localization is essential. Without it, companies resort to 3rd party bolt-on solutions and costly modifications that make it difficult to upgrade mission critical applications or move them into the cloud. Infor offers an alternative approach with Infor

Infor Services Platform provides localized reports and electronic messages in the areas of banking, eAuditing, eInvoicing, trade statistics reporting, statutory reporting, and tax reporting. These are the areas of localization with the most volatility so they are typically the most difficult for ISVs to maintain. By delivering this functionality as a set of loosely coupled services, Infor can proactively add support for the latest requirements in these areas without customers needing to upgrade their ERPs. In addition, changes to the core application are unlikely to break the localizations or vice versa because Infor CloudSuites use Infor OS to consume Infor

The shared services approach to localization also leads to more functionality for Infor CloudSuites. This is because each Infor CloudSuite is no longer directly responsible for requirements in these areas, the teams can redirect resources to create new industry features.

Infor Services Platform is generally available and currently being rolled out to Infor CloudSuite customers. In the meantime, if you are interested in learning more about Infor, product documentation is available on Infor Xtreme for review or you can contact us anytime.

Ryan Bavery
Product Director


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