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Infor Configuration Console – Add Actor Context Screens to Web Interface

October 17, 2018

By Delmar Dehn, Senior Product Manager

Infor Configuration Console can be used to configure Actor Context selections that display in any Infor Landmark technology platform based application’s menus. When an Actor Context menu item is selected, the user can see and change only their data. Infor Configuration Console can be used to configure an Actor Context menu so that the user can only see and choose the Actor Context selections assigned to them. Using Infor Configuration Console to configure an Actor Context menu enables users to see and choose their assigned Actor Context selections without involving IT. Infor Configuration Console changes take effect in near real-time in the production environment without taking the system down. And Infor Configuration Console can be used by Infor cloud based customers and Infor on premises customers.

In this post’s video, one of Infor’s foremost Infor Configuration Console subject matter experts, Don Peterson, Principal Development Business Analyst, narrates and demonstrates using Infor Configuration Console to configure an Actor Context menu. Specifically, Don demonstrates configuring an Actor Context menu to display only Actor Context selections available to the logged-in user.

For more videos on Infor Configuration Console, see our additional articles.

If you’d like to learn more about Infor Configuration Console or schedule a demonstration, then please contact your Infor Client Account Executive or contact us any time.


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