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Infor OS Update – August 7th 2018

August 7, 2018

This week marks the following new feature roll-out to users of Infor OS Cloud Edition (CE).

User Experience Services (Infor Ming.le™ & Infor Document Management)

  • Collaboration: Ming.le Admin can view, download, and update user profile information. They can also view, download, search, and delete user posts and comments
  • Collaboration: IFS will delete Ming.le user information upon hard deletion of a user.
  • Portal: IFS will delete Ming.le user information upon hard deletion of a user.
  • Portal: The new field level context message allows messages to be sent based on focus brought to a field or button.
  • Portal: Clearly let end users know what language, locale, and timezone values are being used for application and emails.
  • Portal: In Admin settings the Provisioned application screen now displays the Logical ID in the Deployment tab.
  • Portal: Task details in Feed pages now have decimal values more consistent with the header. The Task Details overlay has been widened to better display parameters and values.
  • Homepages: Edit Page Layout has been enhanced with the following features:
    • A new drop indicator which shows where in the layout the widget will be dropped, to make the reordering of widgets more intuitive.
    • An info dialog for each widget, informing the user about standard and maximum size, reason for the widget being unavailable or restricted on the page and if a widget can be placed in the banner area or not.
    • Widgets can now be dropped in the banner area even though the banner area is empty
    • Page Settings can now be edited directly in the Edit Page Layout
    • If a widget is unavailable, due to it being deleted from the Widget Catalog, this will be indicated via a broken widget icon in Edit Page Layout
  • Homepages: the following languages are now supported: Bulgarian, English – UK, Spanish – Argentina, French – Canada, Hindi, Slovakian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Korean
  • Homepages: Inactive widgets are now transparent instead of having a dark overlay when publishing a widget.
  • Homepages: Announcements Widget is now available in all supported Portal languages and also had other minor updates
  • Homepages: Banner widgets can now be copied and pasted on a page. To copy a banner widget, access the Copy feature via the widget menu. To paste a copied banner widget, open Edit Page Layout and use the “Paste Banner Widget” action. Widgets that are not banner enabled cannot be pasted in the banner area.
  • Homepages: The Menu Widget now supports title variables when adding links. This is useful when opening a link that needs the title as a parameter on the URL. Using variable {title} will resolve to the title of the link.
  • Homepages: The “Ownership” actions, used when taking or changing ownership of a widget or a page via Homepages Administration, has been moved to the “More” menu in the respective data grid.
  • Homepages: The styling for the Translations button in the Menu Widget has been updated. Translations are now added to the Menu widget by clicking the icon on the right side of the Name input field in the Add Link dialog.
  • Homepages: It is now possible to clear the user entered in the Private Pages section in Homepages Administration. The user is cleared by clicking the X icon in the Search User input field.
  • Document Management: All references to users deleted in IFS will be removed in IDM. Administrators can search for documents created by deleted users.
  • Document Management: Calendar date picker added for searching in IDM
  • Document Management: Updated widget can now have multiple views, show document details, and show as a carousel.
  • Document Management: Files up to 2GB can be uploaded. Upload times out at 30 minutes.

Security Services (IFS)

  • New “Auditing and Monitoring” features
  • User Interface changes:
    • New “Additional Properties” tab
    • New custom master data type
    • UTC time format used in User Activity Report
    • Always display Federated ID in User Details Page and Add Users page†
    • Implement paging in the Status dialog for SCIM Parameters screen*
  • New security role: Search
  • New security roles for M3EC-ClientDesigntime, Infor Supplier Rebate, Rhythm Portal, Infor Finance & Supply Management, GHR Birst, Fashion PLM, EQM, and MDP
  • Update Federated ID field when users are imported using import feature†
  • Populate Federated ID when users are created or updated via SCIM†
  • Remove Federated ID Configuration from Security Administration†
  • Move Federated ID Configuration from General Settings to Federated Security Page†
  • Ming.le user information to be permanently deleted from Portal and Activity Feed when user is removed.
  • Allow download of IFS User Activity

iPaaS (Infor ION & Infor ION API gateway)

  • API Gateway: OAuth 2.0 Target Endpoint Security for grant types: Resource Owner & Client Credential & Salesforce,  added a UI input for Scope
  • API Gateway: Added an option to copy the documentation link on the documentation screen.
  • API Gateway: Added an option to add optional Header or Query parameters to API Key Target Endpoint Security type.
  • API Gateway: Enhanced ION API Metadata indexing service to provide zero downtime reindexing.
  • API Gateway: Added an ION API Widget: “ION API Client Traffic” to show metrics of each Authorized App’s usage of the API Gateway.
  • API Gateway: Updated “Available API Suites” screen to match the look and feel of other ION grid/tile pages.
  • API Gateway:  Documentation is now disabled for inactive suites and endpoints.
  • API Gateway: The gateway log was enhanced to capture the following fields if available: Message, CloudSuite ID, Environment Type, Timestamp, User ID, Service Account, Tenant ID, Run As tenant, IP Address, Hostname, Application ID, API Suite ID, API URL,
    STATUS, ClientID
  • API Gateway: Enhanced the ION API Performance widget with Line graph to display performance over time.

  • API Gateway: removed the dependency for ION API Authorized App – Backend service account that is associated to a User, no longer requires the MingleEnterprise role.
  • API Gateway: Added the option to Publish/Unpublish at Suite Level (in hover menu)

  • API Gateway: In the General Settings page, UI of each Setting was unified.
  • API Gateway: Vertex API Suite is now available.

  • API Gateway: Renamed “JSON Transform” Policy to “Transformation”.

A similar set of features will be available in the 12.0.24 & 12.0.25 Infor Ming.le release for on-premise customers. A full list of new features, bugs fixed, and other documentation can be found on Infor Xtreme.  Learn more about Infor OS here or contact us anytime.

Don’t see a feature you want?  Log into Infor Xtreme and click on Resources > Enhancement Requests.  You can enter your own and vote for others.

* on-premise edition only

† cloud edition only


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