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Infor OS Update – July 17th 2018

July 17, 2018

This week marks the following new feature roll-out to users of Infor OS Cloud Edition (CE).

iPaaS (Infor ION & Infor ION API gateway)

  • Connect: A new activity is available in Document Flows to split a document into multiple documents.

  • Connect: A new header field is available to hold the number of instances inside a document. For example, the number of sales orders in a Show.SalesOrder BOD, or the number of items in a MyItemsJSON document. The header field is named ‘Instances’. The value is populated when using AnySQL models in the Database Connector, and can be populated by applications using IMS or Inbox/Outbox. The value is visible in OneView.
  • Connect: The terminology of notifications in the document flow modeler was aligned to match whether you are modeling a data lake flow or a document flow.
  • Connect: When modeling an AnySQL model in a database connection point, you can now easily select all columns of a table.
  • Mapper: The difference between graphical mappings and sensitive data mappings is now indicated by an icon. For example, in the Mappings overview page.
  • Mapper: When importing a graphical mapping where the schema was not registered in the Data Catalog, the mapping used to be transformed into an XSLT mapping. This is changed now: the graphical mapping is kept, so you can correct the situation by importing the schema into the Data Catalog afterwards.
  • Process: In the email notifications sent for alerts, tasks or notifications, dates and times are now localized in accordance with the user’s time zone.
  • Process: A new businessrules endpoint is available in the Infor ION suite in ION API Gateway. This endpoint provides operations for Business Rules (formerly Decision Service). These APIs allow you to query existing business rules and execute them.
  • Process: Three new languages are available for the Alert List, Task List, Notification List and Workflow Viewer widgets: Finnish, Polish, and Thai.
  • Process: The new Alert List widget supports the Can’t Follow status for following social objects. This prevents a user to follow a document for which there are no document authorizations configured in Ming.le User Management. Note: this status is not handled in the Ming.le Alerts widget and in the Ming.le Feed. The users can follow any social objects from these locations.
  • Process: The new common user interface styling for iOS is adopted in the Alarms app.
  • The Task Viewer context application is enhanced:
    • It also shows workflows started from an activation policy, a document flow or an alert.
    • In case of multiple users for a task, the label ‘multiple’ is displayed. When hovering over, you can see the names of the users or distribution lists.
    • You can now choose in which order to show the tasks (oldest first or newest first).
    • A few usability and style enhancements are done.
  • Business Rules: Instead of having Decision Service as a separate application, the functionality is now available in ION Desk. Instead of using the Matrices page, use the Monitors & Workflows > Business Rules page.
    Users must have a permission for the ION Desk > Business Rules page to see the new menu option in ION Desk and they must have one of the Decision Service Security Roles to be able to view and edit or approve matrices.

  • Mapper: In the mapping details page, the compact view is now the default view for trees, such as the source and target tree.
  • Mapper: When editing the security policy in a sensitive data mapping, the data masking characters are now validated.
  • OneView: In a timeline, if a document was transformed into another document (for example using a mapping), you can now view the timeline of the other document in a pop-up without leaving the original timeline.
  • OneView: When viewing the document contents for newline-delimited JSON, you can now use the Format button to format the contents for better readability.
  • ION Desk: Previously, when users were displayed in various ways in ION Desk, e.g. using UPN or email address or IFS person ID or IFS User GUID (also known as Identity2). From now on, the first name and last name of the users are shown.
    Note: for older data you may still see the original value.
  • ION Desk: In fields where translated values are edited (for example for an alert message of a monitor) and the Hebrew language is used, the text is edited right-to-left.
  • ION Desk: The overview pages using tiles are restyled: icons are now used for select / select all / cancel select. This also resolves the issue that the Activate and Deactivate actions were disappearing in Safari when multiple items are selected.

Data Services (Infor Data Lake)

  • Data Lake: In a data lake flow, you can now use the mapping activity.
    Important note: this activity can only be used for BODs, not for other types such as JSON documents.†
  • Data Lake: For data objects stored in Data Lake you can now set and retrieve a property to indicate the number of instances inside the data object. For details, see the API specifications in the ION API Gateway for the Data Lake endpoint in the Infor ION suite.†
  • Data Lake: The handling of corrupted data objects is enhanced. You can now mark data objects as corrupt and thus avoid retrieving them through the StreambyFilter API.†
    For details, see the API specifications in the ION API Gateway for the Data Lake endpoint in the Infor ION suite.
  • Data Catalog: A new page is available for locale selection. This information is used when retrieving data from Data Lake through the JDBC driver (for example from Birst), to retrieve values in one or more specific languages.
    Note: this feature depends on the adoption of the x-localized property in the JSON schema.
  • Data Catalog: A new ‘object’ API is available. Using this API you can retrieve metadata for various types (BOD, JSON, ANY) in a consistent way. You can also use it to add or update JSON or ANY metadata.

A similar set of features will be available in the 12.0.25 Infor ION release for on-premise customers. A full list of new features, bugs fixed, and other documentation can be found on Infor Xtreme.  Learn more about Infor OS here or contact us anytime.

Don’t see a feature you want?  Log into Infor Xtreme and click on Resources > Enhancement Requests.  You can enter your own and vote for others

† cloud edition only


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