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Infor Homepages: Your hub across Infor OS

July 10, 2018

Infor Homepages acts as the hub across your application suite within Infor OS. With Homepages, you have access to a plethora of information across your applications without having to navigate into specific screens. You can complete your tasks and see your alerts in one place. You can see all your important documents and metrics, thus abbreviating your time to complete work processes.

Homepages utilize widgets, which are small single-purpose applications that provide quick at-a-glance information or quick access to simple interactive functions. Widgets are simpler and faster to access than full applications that may provide more functionality. Widgets can be added to a page from the widget catalog; once added to a page, these widgets can be configured and published back into the catalog for others to use.

You can have one or multiple pages, and with Homepages’ self-service model, you can choose whether pages are public or private within your organization, configurable or locked down, published for others to use, or even mandatory. Pages, like widgets, can be configured and published into the page catalog where your other users can add them if they choose. Take a quick look at the video below to see some of what Homepages has to offer.

Infor also offers a valuable software development kit (SDK) used to create your own widgets. While Homepages has over a hundred widgets and a constant commitment to create more content, we recognize that there are widgets you may want that we may not offer. Using the SDK, you can utilize a unique development kit to develop in-house widgets for use with Infor Homepages. Using the ION API Gateway, you can connect to your applications and homogenize it within Infor OS. Currently, the SDK is available only to on-premise customers, but we are working to implement the Homepages SDK into the multi-tenant cloud. If you are currently multi-tenant and desire to participate in an upcoming beta, contact me directly.

Interested in Infor OS Homepages? Contact us today via this web link, or check out the Infor OS online help.

Frank Zhang
Product Manager


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