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Infor OS Update – June 25th 2018

June 25, 2018

June 25th marks the following new feature roll-out to users of Infor OS Cloud Edition (CE).

User Experience Services (Infor Ming.le™ & Infor Document Management)

  • Collaboration: Ming.le will notify users if they have been delegated work by a colleague’s Out of Office settings.
  • Collaboration: During new user registration, new instructions were added to receive a new valid link once the email link has expired.
  • Portal: Korean Language now supported.
  • Portal: Implemented a configuration so that administrators can lock down the first application which will set the start up application for all users in that tenant.
  • Portal: In administration settings, we replaced permissions with Logical ID field for manage application and context application screen.
  • Portal: The Share icon was updated
  • Homepages: We have updated the look and feel of the user interfaces when:
    • Editing the page layout
    • Publishing a page
    • Publishing a widget
    • Previewing a page

    The new design features an updated toolbar designed to make it easier and more efficient to edit, publish and preview content, with new icons for each toolbar action to highlight the next step a user should take to advance their workflow.

  • Homepages: The Menu widget now supports pinning. Pinning a link/folder automatically places it in the top level (Home), making it more visible and easier to access.
  • Homepages: The Image and Web widget now supports a configured link to be opened from the widget header. If a link has been configured, the Launch action will be available in the widget header. When clicked, the configured URL will be opened in a new tab. Since the Web widget supports one additional header action, Refresh, we have made it possible to select which header action to be displayed.
  • Homepages: The About dialog for unavailable widgets has been improved with more information:
    • Details about the reason for why the widget is unavailable
    • Widget ID
    • If the widget is published, the widget ID of the standard widget the published widget is based on
  • Homepages: It is no longer possible to import a published widget if the standard widget does not exist. If importing Homepages data with one or more published widgets (that are based on a missing standard widget), those published widgets will be skipped followed by an error message with detailed information.
  • Homepages: A new alignment option has been added in the Image Widget, called “Cover”. Selecting “Cover” resizes the image to cover the entire container by cropping the image while retaining the original aspect ratio.
  • Homepages: The “My Views” feature in the Widget and Page Catalog has been renamed to “My Filters”.
  • Homepages: The Menu widget now shows the Add Link header action when the widget can be edited and the Search header action if the widget cannot be edited.
  • Homepages: It is now possible to right-click anywhere in the Menu widget content to paste a link or folder. This action was previously only available from the widget menu.
  • Homepages: Hyperlinks in Notes widget now supports drillbacks.
  • Homepages: Hex codes have been replaced by color names in the color picker used when choosing a Page Color.
  • Homepages: You can now see who last edited a widget via Widget Catalog.
  • Homepages: The “Use Widget Catalog title as widget title” action in Edit Publishing Configuration has been moved from the Settings tab to the Basic tab.
  • Search: Integration with Infor Ming.le to have Posts, Tasks, Alerts, Users, Groups, Notifications, and Streams appear in search results†
  • Search: Display spotlights (previews into search results) when selecting a search result†
  • Search: Integration with Infor Ming.le to have custom spotlights for Posts, Tasks, Alerts, Users, Groups, Notifications, and Streams.†
  • Search: Allow users to filter by application, as well as index type.†

Security Services (IFS)

  • New security role: MingleSuperAdministrator
  • New security roles for IDM Capture, Mongoose,
  • The LN user property can now be edited in IFS*
  • IFS now supports authorization documents of type “Any” to better support ION

iPaaS (Infor ION & Infor ION API gateway)

  • Connect: The two-way IMS is now available for application on-premises via Enterprise Connector. Please note that the new one-way IMS is not yet available via Enterprise Connector. †
  • Connect: In an ION API connection point, you can now use methods having a text/plain request or response.
  • Connect: The test procedure for an ION API connection point is enhanced. You can now see the API request that is created based on the input document and/or the API response that is used for creating the output document.
  • Connect:  User interface enhancements in ION Desk:
    • In an ION API connection point, the API operations (such as GET or PUT) are now shown in color, similar to how they are shown in the ION API gateway.
    • An additional color is now used in the document flow modeler toolbar, to distinguish the activities for connection points from other activities such as mapping.
  • Mapper: Improvements for sensitive data mapping:
    • In the grid view of the Mappings overview page, the mapping type is shown.
    • In the details page, you can refresh the document tree when the metadata in the Data Catalog was changed.
    • You can search the list of mapped fields.
    • The masking value is shown in the data grid.
    • The validation status is shown as an icon in the data grid. You can hover over the icon to read the full warning or error message.
    • The text in the data grid can be selected, so you can copy it.
    • The grey bar above the data grid is removed.
  • Data Catalog: An initial version of the Data Catalog API is available in the ION API Gateway.
  • Data Catalog: A new API for locale selection is available through the ION API Gateway. The locale selection settings are to be used by Birst when retrieving data from Data Lake through the JDBC interface. The user interface for viewing and editing the locale selection is expected in an upcoming release.†
  • Data Lake: A new overview page is available in the Data Lake menu. The page shows the current usage of the storage space, the most occurring data objects, and the data ingestion over time.
  • Data Lake: The Storage Policy page was renamed to Storage Policies. You can now define multiple storage policies and link them to one or more specific data objects, based on their name. The original policy is now used as the default policy for all data objects that are not linked to a new policy.
  • Data Lake: A new Restore page is available to make data objects accessible that were archived before.
  • Event Management: In the condition builder for event monitors and activation policies, new operators are available for string comparisons. These operators are not available in workflow condition:
    • does not start with
    • does not contain
    • does not end with
    • not in set
    • not in codes
  • Workflow: When you download a report (such as an activities report) from ION Desk, it will not be deleted immediately. You can remove it from the list when it is not needed anymore using the delete button.
  • Workflow: New widgets for workflow are available:
    • Task List
    • Alert List
    • Notification List
    • Workflow Viewer

Tasks, Activity Locator, Alerts, and Notifications each have a new widget. Note that Notifications no longer appear in the Tasks widget but display sperately. The new widgets have a new look and new options. Custom task forms are also supported.  Note that the old Task, Activity Locator, and Alert widgets will eventually be deprecated, but have been left available temporarily for backwards compatibility.  We recommend switching to the new widgets as soon as possible.

  • API Gateway: We enlarged the icon and added the suite descriptions to the “Add API” page.
  • API Gateway: Added support for Korean language
  • API Gateway: We now clear the API Gateway cache when an edit of the API Suite has been executed. Edits now take effect immediately.
  • API Gateway: We updated tracing API to provide list of unique status codes for the search criteria in Monitoring.
  • API Gateway: We made Monitoring page enhancements to show
    • HTTP verb for operation e.g. POST, GET
    • Response size
    • Response code e.g. 200, 500
    • ability to filter based on response code.
  • API Gateway: We now allow the configuration of policies using context reference in any case, so errors from case sensitive properties are eliminated.
  • API Gateway: We have updated the Swagger UI library to Version 3.13.1
  • API Gateway: We implemented Date Handling with Support for Local Formatting and Timezone Offsets. Known Limitation: If Portal settings only changes locale then the user won’t see any changes in ION API UI. If Portal settings changes language, the language and locale in ION API UI will be changed.
  • OneView: When selecting the data lake icon in a OneView timeline, the properties will now have a link to the corresponding data lake flow.
  • OneView: The classic view in OneView is renamed to advanced view. It offers a more technical, low-level view on the data than the timeline view.
  • OneView: From the OneVew advanced view (previously named classic view) you can export the search results to a CSV (comma-separated) file. Only the data from the first page is exported; the feature is planned to be extended in the future to export more data.

A similar set of features will be available in the 12.0.25 Infor ION and 12.0.23 Infor Ming.le release for on-premise customers. A full list of new features, bugs fixed, and other documentation can be found on Infor Xtreme.  Learn more about Infor OS here or contact us anytime.

Don’t see a feature you want?  Log into Infor Xtreme and click on Resources > Enhancement Requests.  You can enter your own and vote for others.

* on-premise edition only

† cloud edition only



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