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Introducing Infor Chat

June 18, 2018

Few things in the workplace are more frustrating than having to comb through an email inbox for a piece of information related to a project, request, or task at hand. Worse still, is the communication lag felt each time you send a time-sensitive email that fails to elicit a timely response. Or maybe you’ve been on the opposite end, where you were the source of delay. Either way, these are some of the many pain points common with standard forms of business communication, namely email.



The development of Infor Chat has been a direct response to the pain points listed above. And in the context of business, Chat seeks to change the structure of how employees can communicate and share knowledge. Infor Chat is a messaging application that is designed to enable real-time conversations in both team settings and in one-on-one settings between teammates. It was built in line with the other services currently offered by Infor OS and integrates with Infor Document Management, ION Workflows, and User Management. Customers using Chat will quickly notice the integration and connectivity between Chat and various other OS services as it was developed to complement the workstyle of all Infor OS users. Having Chat accessible via Infor OS’s Portal Bar navigation is just one feature that showcases the enhanced usability that customers can feel when using Chat as opposed to other third-party messaging applications.


Chat will become a part of a real evolution of the collaborative style of communication that was first introduced by Infor Ming.le™. The activity feed, with functionality supporting connections to groups and individual teammates, has been improved upon in Chat. Having to search through message history to find subject-specific information is no longer necessary due to the self-service style of organizing message conversations in groups with subject-specific topics. Even documents shared in Chat conversations can be stored and organized per the naming conventions of the groups you can create. We believe Infor Chat is truly setting a precedent on integrating instant messaging, group chat, document sharing, storage, and even assisting with security—proving it can be a fit for many businesses in the private and public sector.

Infor plans to release Infor Chat to be generally available for customers starting at Inforum this upcoming September. Please feel free to contact your Infor account manager with questions regarding any questions about Infor Chat or insights into product features. As Chat helps pioneer the way to a connective communication solution for the ERP, why not ensure that you are among the first to experience this exciting new evolution of collaboration.

For more information on Infor OS check out our website.

— Lori Brown, Associate Product Manager Infor Chat


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