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Infor OS Update – April 2

April 2, 2018

April 2nd marks the following new feature roll-out to users of Infor OS Cloud Edition (CE).

User Experience Services (Infor Ming.le™ & Infor Document Management)

  • Collaboration: When workflow and alert data is archived from Infor ION, the data is also permanently removed from Infor Ming.le.
  • Collaboration: Infor Ming.le user name is immediately updated when changes are made by the admin.
  • Collaboration: As an admin you can now hide the Streams tab and Social Objects tab if they are not used.
  • Portal: In admin settings and general settings, there’s a validation for integer fields to only accept integers, no string values.
  • Homepages: Restricted mandatory pages are now automatically hidden for a user who don’t have access to the page.
  • Homepages: It’s now possible to decide if a hyperlink should be clickable or not when editing the Notes widget.
  • Homepages: The empty state UI, shown when the datagrids in Admin Tools are empty, have been improved with informative text and new icons.
  • Homepages: The “Translate widget, page title and description” setting in Admin Tools has been reworked to a global setting to prevent content conflicts.
  • Homepages: It’s now possible to download a standard widget in Admin Tools.
  • Homepages: It’s now possible to clear all filters applied to the datagrids in Admin Tools. The Clear All action is visible below the datagrid, and clears search terms, filters and sort order.
  • Homepages: An administrator can now assign multiple default pages to a user, group or role. When multiple default pages are assigned, all pages will be displayed.
  • Homepages: Rules added in Settings in Admin Tools can now be reordered using drag-and-drop.

  • Homepages: The Web widget now supports manual refresh. The refresh action can be enabled when configuring the widget.
  • Homepages: An info text has been added when restricting content for the HOMEPAGES-Administrator and HOMEPAGES-ContentAdministrator roles, to clarify that permissions will always be ignored for users with these roles.
  • Homepages: All datagrids in Admin Tools now have contextual toolbars, containing actions that are related to the datagrid items.
  • Homepages: It’s now possible to add a link in the page header by enabling “Show page link” and entering a title and URL when publishing the page. The link will be visible in the right corner of the page header, to the left of the page menu. Page links supports both regular HTTP/HTTPS links as well as Infor Ming.le drilllbacks.

  • Homepages: An administrator can now set effective date and time on mandatory pages. A mandatory page with a effective date will only be available to users during the set date and time range. Mandatory pages can also be marked as primary. Primary mandatory pages will always show as home page, even if the user has another page set as home page in My Pages.
  • Homepages: It’s now possible to select if existing pages or widgets should be preserved or overwritten during import.
  • Homepages: A page can now be imported as a published page via the page menu. This makes it possible for non-admin users to export a published page from one environment and import it in another environment without having access to the Admin Tools.
  • Homepages: The Menu widget now supports folders. Folders are added using the “Add folder” action in widget menu. When clicking a folder, the user is drilled down to a new level where it’s possible to add more folders or links. Folders and links can be reordered and organized using the new Cut, Copy and Paste options, available when right-clicking a folder or a click.Menu widget content can also be exported and imported into new folders.
  • Homepages: Links in Bookmark widget can now be converted to portable links using the new “Convert to portable links” setting, available when configuring the widget.When switch is enabled, all existing and new links are converted.If the switch is disabled, new links will not be converted. Existing links that already have been converted will not be reverted back to regular links.
  • Homepages: The UI shown when a widget, which requires configuration, has not been configured yet has been improved with an updated icon.
  • Homepages: The languages shown when translating content, are now showing the language name instead of the language constant.
  • Homepages: The toolbar is revealed when selecting one or more items in the list.The datagrid in the following sections in Admin Tools now have contextual toolbars:
    • Standard Widgets
    • Published Widgets
    • Tenant Widgets
    • Standard Pages
    • Published Pages
    • Tags
  • General User Interface updates:
    • In user settings, the user profile picture now uses a circular border.
    • Support keyboard arrow keys to see the drop down values.
    • Infor Ming.le application icon was updated

Security Services (IFS)

  • Implemented new security roles for Mongoose and M3.
  • Updated description for Decision Service security roles
  • Made the expiry time for registration emails configurable and increased the default expiry time for registration emails from 48 hours to 720 hours (30 days)*
  • Implemented “SCIM Groups” screen. This screen is only visible when the feature code “ENABLESCIMGROUP” is enabled.”*
  • Implemented a new tab in Security Roles screen to allow association of SCIM groups from security roles page. This tab is only displayed when feature code ENABLESCIMGROUP feature is enabled.*
  • Created user provisioning with roles between Infor OS Multi Tenant with SCIM 2.0*
  • Support mapping of security roles to users during Just In Time user provisioning.*
  • Increased the default number of SP connections allowed in a tenant to 10.*
  • Support of secondary signing certificate in federation hub metadata.*
  • Implemented a list view on the IFS Federated Security Screen.*
  • The PingFederate certificate now supports rotation.*
  • Language setup on Portal is no sent in SecurityBOD.
  • IFS Group Description is now editable.

iPaaS (Infor ION & Infor ION API gateway)

  • ION API Gateway: New 3rd party API suites for Google Cloud Print, Ship Engine, and Marketo are available.
  • ION API Gateway: Expose Client ID in context object to allow Client ID to be used in policies
  • ION API Gateway: Google Service Account target endpoint, JWT Bearer token, and API Key security policies are now available.
  • ION API Gateway: Monitoring page gained several UI changes for usability.
  • ION API Gateway: Gateway metadata APIs now return the full WSDL for SOAP services as an option.
  • ION API Gateway: Endpoints can now be published and unpublished.
  • ION API Gateway: A new administrative widget called “ION API Traffic Over Time” is now available.

      • ION API Gateway: A new Throttling policy is available to handle spikes in traffic and smooth the rate of requests.

A similar set of features is available in the 12.0.21 release for on-premise customers. A full list of new features, bugs fixed, and other documentation can be found on Infor Xtreme.  Learn more about Infor OS here or contact us anytime.

Don’t see a feature you want?  Log into Infor Xtreme and click on Resources > Enhancement Requests.  You can enter your own and vote for others.

* = only available in the cloud edition


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