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Infor Lawson User Experience 10.1.0 – Improved Forms and Caching

February 21, 2018

By Delmar Dehn, Senior Product Manager

In the video below, Andy Buboltz, Senior Software Engineer, describes and demonstrates the Lawson User Experience 10.1.0’s many new enhancements to application forms for easier viewing and improved usability, and the use of modern browser caching technology to improve performance. Be sure to watch for the upcoming Lawson User Experience 10.1.0 videos in the coming weeks.

If you’d like to learn more about the Lawson User Experience 10.1.0 or schedule a demonstration, then please contact your Infor Client Account Executive or contact us any time.

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4 responses to “Infor Lawson User Experience 10.1.0 – Improved Forms and Caching”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Is this version GA for SaaS on AWS?

    • Delmar Dehn says:

      No. Not as of this writing. Infor plans to make this functionality available for Infor Lawson version 10 customers deployed in the Infor Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) single-tenant cloud in the future.

  2. brian says:

    Del, will any of this 10.1 browser technology eliminate some of the enigmatic issues encountered with browser compatibility, having to clear cache because of problems caused by caching, etc?

  3. Delmar Dehn says:

    Yes. The new Infor Lawson User Experience 10.1.0 makes use of modern web browsers’ caching technology, which among other things better manages local cache and improves performance.

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