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Infor OS Update – February 16th

February 16, 2018

February 16th marks the following new feature roll-out to users of Infor OS Cloud Edition (CE).  This includes exciting additions to our services, the Infor Data Lake as well as a brand new connector for controlled database access.

Data Management Services (Infor Data Lake)*

  • Infor Data Lake is now Generally Available. The Data Lake provides a new enterprise data management experience for landing and consuming data from any integrated systems modeled in Infor ION. Data can be stored in its raw, original format and consumed via an Infor ION API Suite. Enhancements to Infor ION enables you to explicitly model content directly into the Data Lake via “Data Lake Flows” – a modeling experience accessible and managed through ION’s Document Flows management page.
  • The Infor Data Lake API Suite provides repository cataloging services as well as two additional APIs to retrieve payloads by address and by filter. All APIs have been documented using Swagger best-practices and can be invoked directly in the ION API Gateway test harness.

User Experience Services (Infor Ming.le™ & Infor Document Management)

  • Portal: Admins can control the maximum number of tasks and alerts displayed in collaboration.
  • Homepages: The following homepage widgets are moved to the Statistics & Usage category: ION Insight, ION Insight Hybrid, ION by Document, ION by Connection, ION Workflows, ION Tasks and ION Alerts.

Security Services (IFS)

  • Implemented new security roles for future Infor IoT application, as well as Mongoose.
  • Added user’s language in Sync.SecurityUserMaster BOD. The user’s language that is set up in user settings page.
  • Now the IFS administrator can set user’s password. *

iPaaS (Infor ION & Infor ION API gateway)

  • ION Connect:  The Database Connector is extended with AnySQL modeling. This allows you to retrieve data from the database based on a graphical model instead of a stored procedure. The model allows you to select tables and columns and define join conditions and filters. A query will be generated for you, and the data will be collected in JSON format.If your table has a timestamp or version number column, you can use that to retrieve only the changed rows since the previous time the data was read.The AnySQL feature is available for databases on-premises (or in single-tenant deployments) that are connected through Enterprise Connector.

  • Registry: The maximum length of document names has increased from 42 to 100. Larger document names were already allowed in the ION Registry, but are now supported throughout ION, including IMS.
  • Registry: In addition to the JSON schema you can now add metadata properties for JSON documents. Using these properties you can define the paths to the identifying attributes and the path for the variation number.
  • Enterprise Connector: The Enterprise Connector now is also supported on Microsoft Windows 2016 and PostgreSQL 9.6. The Enterprise Location screen provides more details about the host where the Enterprise Connector is deployed. When hovering with the mouse over the value of the host in the tooltip more details for that host will be shown
  • API Gateway: An API is available to retrieve data from the Data Lake. The API is available through ION API, as part of the Infor Data Lake API suite. You can retrieve a list of data objects based on search criteria, and you can retrieve the details including the contents of a data object.
  • API Gateway: A Data Catalog API is available to: Retrieve the list of documents from the ION Registry, Retrieve the metadata for a JSON document, Registry JSON documents in the ION Registry.
  • API Gateway: Added the download URL for Google Play/ Itunes Store so users can easily find the mobile apps in the respective Mobile stores.
  • Mapper: An option to validate the XSLT code is now available in the XSLT editor tab and in the pop-up window to edit a user-defined function.
  • Mapper: When requesting the usage of a mapping, the list used to show only the usage of the latest or current version. The list now also includes document flows that use the mapping but were activated using a previous version of the mapping.
  • Mapper: When deleting a mapping from the Mappings overview page, the whole mapping is now deleted. Previously only the latest version of the mapping was deleted, leaving the mapping visible in the overview page. To delete a specific version, use the delete button in the version pane of the Mapping details page.
  • Mapper: You can now use ‘null’ as a default or constant value in a mapping. This is useful if the receiving application expects an explicit ‘null’ text.
  • Mapper: When editing a new draft version and then switching to a previous version, you will be asked whether to save the changes before switching. Previously the unsaved changes were discarded without notification.
  • Process: For tasks created from an approval matrix as defined in the Decision Service application, you can notify the involved users by email.
  • Process: Enhancements for emails:
    • For emails about tasks and notifications, the parameters of type view are not shown in the email body anymore, because the view information is insufficient to perform a drill-back. This applies to the standard email template, as well as the parameter placeholders in the custom e-mail body.
    • The activity ID is now included in the email body for all emails. It is embedded in the standard email template.htm, and can be included in a customized email using the <_ACTIVITY_ID_> placeholder.
  • Process: In the Manage and Archive pages for Activities, it is now visible whether a task or alert is escalated.
  • Process: When deleting one or more tasks, alerts or notifications, a BOD is now sent (Sync.PulseTask, Sync.PulseAlert or Sync.PulseNotification). This BOD has the actionCode attribute set to ‘Delete’ and contains the IDs of the involved tasks, alerts or notifications.
  • Process: In an approval matrix in the Decision Service application you could configure the distribution as ManagerOf user and ManagerOf group. Additionally, you can now also use ManagerOf user from parameter and ManagerOf group from parameter.
  • Process: In the workflow modeler, the Workflow Properties panel can now be made visible by clicking the Start or End of the workflow model. This allows you to access the properties even if the left panel of the Workflow page is collapsed
  • Process: A usability enhancement for ION API in Workflow: when searching for an ION API operation, you can now use the Enter key for starting the search without clicking the magnifying glass icon.
  • OneView: When viewing the contents of a message, syntax highlighting is now available for JSON and XML content.
  • ION Desk: The notification panels in various modelers (such as the Document Flow page and the Workflow page) are now consistent and aligned to the latest styling guidelines.

A full list of new features, bugs fixed, and other documentation can be found on Infor Xtreme.  Learn more about Infor OS here or contact us anytime.

* = only available in the cloud edition


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