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Infor OS Update – January 8th

January 8, 2018


January 8th marks the following new feature roll-out to users of Infor OS Cloud Edition (CE)™. 

Integration Platform as a Service (Infor ION™)

  • Connect: In the Connection Points overview page, you can now filter on connection point type (such as Infor Application or Database).

  • Connect: In a file connection point, you can now use the document name in the file name of a file that is created. Earlier, only the noun name was available but that could not be used for documents other than BODs, such as JSON documents.
  • Connect: When opening the pending messages from the Active Connection Points page and viewing the message contents, you can now format the message to increase readability.
  • Mapper: It is now possible to approve multiple mappings in one go from the Mappings overview page. You can also approve a single mapping from that same page.
  • Mapper: When editing XSLT in the XSLT tab or in a user-defined function, you can now use Ctrl-Space to get suggestions for automatically completing what you are typing.

  • Mapper: When approving a mapping where the XSLT was edited, the XSLT will be checked for syntax errors.
  • Mapper: When a mapping is approved, it is not possible to change the name. This avoids that the mapping becomes unusable for an existing (active) document flow.
  • Mapper: When editing a comment, you will now get direct feedback about the number of available and used characters.
  • Mapper: When formatting the code in the XSLT tab or in a user-defined function, a message is displayed when the XSLT cannot be formatted because it is not well-formed.
  • Mapper: When showing an Xpath for an element in the source or target tree, the background color is lighter for better readability.
  • Workflow: The drill-back editor for workflows and monitors is improved: when changing a custom drill-back then the mappings that were configured for the custom view are preserved.
    Additionally, the View Set Name is renamed to Application, and the View Name is renamed to View, because in Ming.le the views are maintained by application logical ID.
  • Workflow: When a new task or alert is automatically assigned, two email notifications were sent. This is changed now: in case auto-assign is used, the first email is suppressed.
    Note: this means the email for a new task or alert is not sent anymore in such cases. Please take this into account, for example if you have a rule configured for this email message in your email client.
  • Workflow: In the workflow modeler, superfluous whitespace is removed to have move space available for the workflow model and the properties.
  • Workflow: In the workflow manage pages, the size of buttons is reduced by removing the word ‘Show’. For example, ‘Show Tasks/Notifications’ is renamed to Tasks/Notifications’. This reduces the probability that the button is hidden when insufficient space is available.
  • Workflow: A new matrix type called Decision Matrix is introduced. This can be used in a Decision Table activity in a workflow.

  • OneView: The fields in the search pane of the OneView page are rearranged, to improve usability and to leave more space for the search results. Additionally, the buttons to reset the filter criteria, to refresh, and to bookmark the search criteria, as well as the display view selection are moved to the bar above the filters. No functional changes are involved.
  • ION Desk: In all overview pages, if a keyword is entered to filter the contents, but the field is hidden and only the magnifier glass icon is shown, then the magnifier glass will now be highlighted to indicate that the view is filtered by keyword.

A full list of new features, bugs fixed, and other documentation can be found on Infor Xtreme.  Learn more about Infor OS here or contact us any time.


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  1. Randall Amiel says:

    The Infor OS ION Mapper updates for working with XLST documents are definitely fantastic! Great Job! – Randy Amiel

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