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Free Webinar – Infor Security infrastructure: User and security administration in LSF and Landmark

January 5, 2018

This complimentary webinar will provide detailed information about the Infor Security infrastructure, and teach you how to administer security and users using a variety of tools. Attending this webinar will empower you to more confidently configure and mange user and security administration tasks.

Infor Security Infrastructure: User and security administration in LSF and Landmark
Thursday, January 18, 2018
02:00-03:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Infor Lawson Security is a highly flexible rules and roles-based system for securing your Infor Lawson resources. With Lawson Security, you can ensure that the appropriate staff have access to the information and system resources that they need to perform their jobs—and only the information and resources they need. During this webinar, Marilyn Sizemore, Infor Education Instructor, will share her knowledge and demonstrate the administrative options to support user and security administration for both LSF and Landmark technologies.

The webinar will discuss:

  • Security token services—What are they and what they do
  • How the Infor Federation Services (IFS) and Microsoft ADFS security components provide STS authentication to your Lawson applications
  • How Infor Security provides authorization to Lawson applications
  • The Distributed Security Package (DSP) and the DSSO & ISS technology components it delivers
  • The integrated Lawson Security infrastructure, as well as how security is stored and managed by LSF and Landmark systems in a federated or stand-alone environment.
  • How Infor Security Administrator (ISA) updates directly to the LSF LDAP and Landmark GEN Database
  • How to administer security using LSA and Rich Client
  • How to administer users using ISA
  • How to use a variety of administration tools to manage both users and security objects, including IFS, ISA, LSA, RMA, loadusers, ssoconfig, secadm, Rich Client, and IPA
  • Full and list-based security object synchronization
  • Recommendations to help you to automate user provisioning using Infor Process Automation (IPA)

Audience—This session is suitable for Infor LSF and Landmark security administrators, user administrators, IPA developers, and application process owners.

Tom Passe | Education Product ManagerInfor

Tom is an Infor Lawson veteran. He currently serves as the Education Product Manager for Infor CloudSuite Financials & Supply Chain Management, Infor Lawson Security, and Landmark Technology.

Marilyn Sizemore (PMP) | Learning ConsultantInfor

Marilyn Sizemore is a certified instructor with Infor Education, specializing in Lawson product technology. She has more than 15 years of experience as a customer with a focus on Infor Lawson administration, development, reporting, and application management. Having held a variety of support and management roles, her background includes extensive real-world system troubleshooting, as well as deep experience using applications to improve and enhance business processes. Marilyn recently joined the Infor Education team with a mission to help existing and potential customers get the most out of their ERP investments through education on technology and product features.


4 responses to “Free Webinar – Infor Security infrastructure: User and security administration in LSF and Landmark”

  1. Daryl says:

    Hello. How do I register for this? Thank you.

  2. Sam G. says:

    The “Register Today!” link can be found towards the top of the article.

  3. Dawn says:

    Was this webinar recorded and is it available for viewing?

  4. Delmar Dehn says:

    Yes. Click the “Register Today!” link towards the top of the article, complete the registration form, and then the webinar’s recording will launch.

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