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Infor OS Update – December 9th 2017

December 9, 2017

December 9th marks the following new feature roll-out to users of Infor OS Cloud Edition (CE). 

User Experience Services (Infor Ming.le™ & Infor Document Management)

  • Administration: Increased the maximum number of context applications associated to an application instance to 60 from 20
  • Administration: Navigation Method field is displayed in the Edit Screen for Non-Infor Application.
  • Workflow: Task parameters are displayed in the same format for both tasks detail page and search results.
  • Workflow: When tasks with custom drillbacks are shared, they are also displayed in the shared post.
  • IDM: All administrator-level changes made in the IDM Control Center will now be logged by default in GRID. Document level changes are not logged.
  • IDM: Document types that have the “Owner” option enabled will be able to enter users, via a multi-value attribute, who have exclusive access to the document.
  • IDM: Option to enable document owners in document type setup in Control Center.

Extensibility Services (Infor Homepages & Infor App Builder)

  • Homepages: Featured Content in the Catalogs can now be managed in Admin Tools. In addition to providing an overview of the content that has been set as featured, the tool also supports editing permissions and removing a page, widget or banner widget as featured.
  • Homepages: It’s now possible for an administrator to limit the number of widgets a user, group or role is allowed to add to a page. The restriction is done via the new “Max number of widgets on a page” setting in Admin Tools.
  • Homepages: Added a new action,”Reset to default”, in the Standard Pages tab in Admin Tools. Resetting a standard page to default resets applied permissions and retains the permission configuration in Infor Registry.
  • Homepages: Menu widget now supports “mailto” links. Links with “mailto:<email address>” now automatically opens the default email client when clicked.
  • App Builder: A new Lookup Component for the component library was added. Bind data to it and to fetch a wanted input/output-string.

Federation Services (IFS)

  • In the security roles screen, we now store application’s logical id. The application’s logical id is displayed in the listing page of security roles screen and in “Select Security Roles” popup window in user details page. If the application’s logical id is tied to a security role, then we associate application’s logical id to the security role in IFS and we send the same logical id in the BOD as well.
  • Allow EmployeeID to be key for user records in Mingle/IFS*
  • Allow a tenant administrator to specify more than one signing certificate for their SAML Service Provider in service provider screen.*
  • Support filtering user by “Status” in User’s listing page.

Process Integration Services (Infor ION & Infor ION API gateway)

  • Mask sensitive data in logging and tracing
    1. Target endpoint details to be masked from logs and tracing: tracing log entries will not show target information
    2. Target endpoint security details: All target endpoint authentication policies will be traced with the generic name ‘TargetAuthentication’.
    3. If the target is Anonymous, a trace will be added with ‘TargetAuthentication’ so that the user cannot tell a target is actually anonymous.
  • ION API ELB will pass through actual client IP. Also, ION API gateway will use the actual client IP for the logging and indexing of client IP.
  • A tenant administrator can configure AWS Signature as target endpoint security, and Amazon API’s provisioned to ION API Gateway will work when AWS Signature endpoint security is configured.
  • User interface: The ION API landing page redesign can now support both the old icons and new icons. The download button in the ION API Metadata Page has been changed to the standard download icon in the standard tool bar location.

A full list of new features, bugs fixed, and other documentation can be found on Infor Xtreme.  Learn more about Infor OS here or contact us any time.

* = only available in the cloud edition


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