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October 4th Infor Xi Update

October 4, 2017

October 4th marks the following new feature roll-out to users of Infor Xi Cloud Edition (CE)™.

Infor ION™

  • ION Workflow now includes a step to start another workflow.

  • ION Workflow email notifications now allow locale specific email subjects, logos, and from addresses.
  • ION Workflow notifications that are sent to an empty distribution list are now immediately changes to status of Done. This eliminates the need to manually set the status.
  • ION Event Management now allows custom drill-backs with multiple parameters, for alerts created from event monitors. In the Monitor details page, a new tab is available where you can define your own drill-backs.
  • ION OneView includes the In the details for a mapping version that was used for that specific document timeline.
  • ION Mapper has new function templates in the function editor to create a child element and create a child element with an attribute.
  • ION Mapper now restricts the modification of a mapping once it is approved. Copying the existing mapping and editing the copy is the new process to follow.
  • ION Mapper now allows searching  in the input and output panes on the Testing tab, and in the Generated XSLT pane on the XSLT Editor tab. The search control is opened by pressing Ctrl-F.
  • ION Mapper provides a notification in the mapping detail when the metadata in the Registry has changed for the source or target document. This notification indicates that a new version of the schema is available, so you can refresh the tree as shown in the mapping.
  • ION Mapper has a new function in the function editor called get-elem-by-attr-name-and-value. This function allows you to search for an element having a specific attribute name and value. This is especially useful for name-value structures as available in the UserAreas of BODs.
  • ION Mapper can now assign an empty value, e.g. consisting of one or more spaces, in the function editor when adding a constant of type String,.
  • ION Mapper provides usefule information in the XSLT code that is generated from the mapping  such as the mapping name, description and version, and the date and time. Additionally, a copyright notice is included.
  • ION Registry now allows documents of type JSON and documents of type “any” (ie. an undefined schema) such as CSV or fixed length formats. Use of these document types is limited. See the user guide for more information.
  • In ION Desk modeling pages (such as Document Flows, Mappings or Workflows), a new grid view is added in addition to the existing tiles view. You can switch between tiles and grid using icon buttons at the top of the page. The grid view enables you to see more data without scrolling and to easily scan through the data in a specific column.

  • In the manage pages of ION Desk, the refresh buttons (icons) are moved from the data grid toolbar to the page toolbar. They are now consistent with the refresh buttons on the modeling pages.

ION API™ Gateway

  • Swagger UI updated. Swagger documentation 1.2 and 2.0 now supported.
  • Custom icons can now be uploaded for API Suites

  • Policy templates can be added to API Suite and Endpoints and configured

Infor Ming.le™

  • Initial load time of the application was improved.
  • Implemented bulk clear permissions for standard widgets. It’s now possible to clear permissions for multiple standard widgets at the same time.
  • An administrator now has the option to disable the “Owned by” filter, used in the Widget and Page Catalog. The filter can be enabled and disabled in the Settings pane in Admin Tools.
  • The widget catalog now remains open when adding banner widgets.
  • Custom drillbacks for Alerts are now supported.
  • The Romanian language is now supported.

Infor Federation Services™

  • Importing bulk users load time has been improved
  • Implemented two security roles for SCE application, three security roles for BI application, and two new security roles for Infor M3 application.
  • Added support for Federation ID in SCIM data model
  • Added “Export All Security Roles” button to export all the security roles.
  • A warning messsage is now displayed when there is unsaved data and user tries to navigate away from that tab.
  • Added breadcrumb in user details page to indicate which user account is getting maintained when different tabs are selected

Infor Document Management™

  • Time functions for XQuery Searches
  • Autopopulate “FROM” field in Mail when sending documents from the IDM Client
  • Updated description for standard IDM Widget
  • New icon for standard IDM Widget
  • Mail properties configuration support
  • Translation support for Archived Search

Mobile Applications

  • The Infor Alarms™ mobile app now allows you to drill down to the Infor Ming.le™ mobile app from the status screen.

On-premise customers receive the same features in the 12.0.15 and 12.0.16 release. A full list of new features, bugs fixed, and other documentation can be found on Infor Xtreme.  Learn more about Infor Xi here or contact us any time.


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