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August 11th Infor Xi Update

August 11, 2017

August 11th marks the start of the following new feature rollout to users of Infor Xi Cloud Edition (CE)™.

Infor ION™


  • You can now use locale-specific email templates for workflow tasks. Translations for a custom email template can be used as custom email body for a specific language code. The parameter values for numbers and dates will be formatted according to the default locale of the chosen language as well.
  • The icons in the toolbar of the workflow modeler have been updated. The workflow step ‘Task with Approval Matrix’ (formerly known as ‘Approval Chain’) has been renamed to ‘Task Chain’. The toolbar of the workflow modeler has also changed for activities that are executed automatically by the system. Such items in the toolbox are now green; they used to be grey.
  • You can now export an approval matrix to a CSV (comma-separated values) file and import from a CSV file.
  • In a workflow you can now model a Wait activity. This will cause the workflow (or the branch in the workflow) to wait for a specific time interval or until a date/time from a parameter is reached.
  • In a Set Parameter activity in a workflow a number of new options are available.
    For string parameters you can now use the following expressions:

    • NAME to get the workflow definition name
    • SOURCETYPE and SOURCE, to get information about how or by whom the workflow was started
    • GETLAST, to get the last part of the string
    • TOLOWERCASE, to convert the string to lower-case characters
    • TOUPPERCASE, to convert the string to upper-case characters

    For integer and decimal parameters, you can use:

    • ID, to get the identifier of the workflow instance
    • MAJORVERSION, to get the major version of the workflow definition
    • MINORVERSION, to get the minor version of the workflow definition.

    For date and time parameters, you can use:

    • NOW, to get the current date and time
    • STARTTIME, to get the date and time when the workflow was started.

New Wait node and changed toolbar icons

Document Flow

  • In a document flow, the drop-down boxes for selecting mappings, connection points, workflows etc. were ordered by creation date/time. They are now ordered in alphabetical order.


  • Versioning is now available for mappings. In the Mapping details page, you can approve a draft version when it is ready for use. When activating a document flow, it will always use the latest approved version, so you can create and edit a new draft version without impacting any document flows that will be activated in the meantime. The previous versions are available for viewing.
  • In the mapping function editor, you can now create a global user-defined function. This way, the same user-defined function can be reused in multiple mappings.
  • Other usability enhancements in mappings:
    • The Code tab now has a Format option for increase readability of the XSLT.
    • The compact view (using a smaller row height for the source and target trees) is now the default view when you open a mapping.
    • The tooltip when hovering over an attribute in the source or target tree now provides more information about the attribute, similar to what is shown for elements in the tooltip for elements.
  • In the mapping details page, the Mapping tab has been renamed to Modeler and the Code tab has been renamed to XSLT Editor. Additionally, the Code and Testing tabs have been restyled:
    • The toolbars have been restyled based on the latest Soho Xi guidelines.
    • The feedback when changing or resetting the XSLT code has been enhanced, and the refresh icon has been replaced by a reset icon.
    • Uploading a test document is now done by clicking the upload icon.
    • The Test button is renamed to Preview.
  • The size of the comment that is linked to a Mapping global user-defined function was restricted to 255 characters. That restriction has been removed, so larger comments can be attached.


  • Until now, search results in OneView were always grouped by document ID. You can now switch to grouping by date or by sender. This is useful if you have documents without a document ID or a lot of documents from different dates or different sources having the same document ID.
  • When in OneView you click a link to drill down to an item such as a connection point or a workflow, it will take you to a page that immediately shows the details for that item. In some cases, you will still be landed on the overview page, but then the list is filtered to show the involved item. In previous releases you would see all active items, so you would first have to find the appropriate item before opening the details.



  • The following operating system and database versions are now supported for running Enterprise Connector*:
    • Linux Red Hat Enterprise Server 6.7, 7.2 and 7.3
    • SQL Server 2016
  • For Enterprise Connector, you can now configure the Amazon region. This will avoid Enterprise Connector to communicate to another region than the one you want to use, so you don’t need to have other regions on your firewall white list.*
  • The styling of the grids in the ION Desk manage pages has been enhanced. Buttons that apply to selected rows are hidden by default and will be shown when selecting one or more rows.

On-premise customers receive the same features in the 12.0.12 & 12.0.13 releases (exceptions are marked with an *). A full list of new features, bugs fixed, and other documentation can be found on Infor Xtreme.  Learn more about Infor Xi here or contact us any time.


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