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Global, Role, User Personalizations for Infor Lawson Application Lists in Infor Smart Office

July 27, 2017

If you have a recent version of Infor Smart Office for Infor Lawson Application, you may not be aware of an enhancement that allows you to create Global and Role personalizations for list driven forms just as has been available all along for standard forms. Previously, only user personalizations were available for lists.

With hot fix 16 ( a fix for an issue related to Drill Select personalizations provided instructions (KB-1837033) on a manual restructure of the Lawson application server data folders that enables this feature. If you have that version or greater and have the necessary patch of LSF (JT-987852 for 10.0.9.x) but have not performed the restructure, you will see these messages in the ISO log file:

DEBUG S3.Client.Application.MainController.DoRetrieveUserContext – Use new drill select folders = False
DEBUG S3.Client.Application.MainController.DoRetrieveUserContext – Use new list driven folders = False
WARN  S3.Client.Application.MainController.DoRetrieveUserContext – See KB-1837033 for recommended change to personalization file structure.

The LSF patch also has new security requirements (KB-1885520) for the IOS services which retrieve the personalization files.

Once all the pieces are in place, the Lawson Personalization Manager will display an additional tab named “Lists” with the same functionality as is available on the “Forms” tab and Lawson Application Lists will be removed as a Source Type from the “Other” tab.


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