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July update to Infor Xi

July 7, 2017

July brings the following updates to users of Infor Xi Cloud Edition (CE). Going forward we will be posting monthly regarding new features.

Infor ION™

  • The ION Desk user interface now uses the term “Document” more liberally replacing the terms “Noun” and “Verb”
  • Infor ION now uses drillback views defined in the Infor Ming.le™ repository
  • Infor ION Workflows now provide a step to directly call an API from the Infor ION API gateway
  • Infor ION Workflows has renamed the workflow step “Approval Chain” to “Task Chain”
  • Infor ION now supports the use of Distribution Groups in “pulse” BODs
  • In the File Connector you can now use SFTP with private and public key. For FTPS you can use a client-side certificate
  • Decision Services toolbar icons received a styling refresh
  • When using Messaging Service (IMS), ION can now send messages in parallel to improve throughput
  • The Model > Connect > Locations page has been changed to clarify the status
  • The Infor ION Mapper received many small user interface enhancements

Infor ION API™

  • The gateway now returns ION API transaction id as response header with each response
  • OAuth 1.0 Authentication for provisioning ION API Suites supports HMAC-SHA256 algorithm
  • API Metadata Indexing is now available for non-Infor Suites (requires Swagger documentation)

Infor Ming.le™

  • It is now possible to download a custom drillback file

Infor Ming.le™ Homepages

  • A new ION by document widget is available to show statistics by document as processed in ION Connect
  • The banner widget area can now contain up to 4 widgets
  • Banner widgets can be resized and repositioned based on your needs
  • On smaller viewports, the banner widgets are displayed in a carousel
  • Catalogs now use infinite scrolling instead of having the user clicking a “More” button to load more content
  • Improved the catalog illustrations used for featured content in the catalogs
  • Moved the Related Tags section to a sticky container below the catalog list header
  • Published widgets can now be reset to the default publish configuration
  • Translations and settings for a published page are now included when exporting a page using the “Convert to standard widgets with configuration” option
  • Tags in the Admin Tools now have the same styling as in the catalogs

Infor Federation Services

  • Implemented new roles for Business Vault CE, LN, M3, dEPM, WFM, and Landmark applications.
  • Descriptions added for all the CRM security roles
  • Changed the application type for M3 CLM application from CM to M3CLM

Infor Document Management

  • Improved performance when loading document types
  • Added additional information about ACL’s
  • ION integration supporting Mingle API in current ION integration
  • Video streaming/playback in related information with 50MB file limitation
  • Enable External ID for new document types in the client and server
  • Bread crumb navigation added

Mobile Applications

  • ION Alarms and ION Oneview received small user interface updates to the menu, splash screen and terms/copyright/about screens
  • ION Alarms also received an update to how a condition summary is shown and when all alarms are inactive you can now delete all of them in one step
  • ION Oneview now shows the alert ID in the timeline to aid in troubleshooting


On-premise customers receive the same features in the 12.0.11 and 12.0.12 releases. A full list of new features, bugs fixed, and other documentation can be found on Infor Xtreme.  Learn more about Infor Xi here or contact us any time.


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