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Overview of the Infor Mongoose application development framework

January 2, 2017

This is our blog’s first post on Infor Mongoose.  While the product is new to the blog, Infor Mongoose has been a valued tool of our customers for many years. We’ll start with this first post giving a high level overview of this powerful application development platform.  Watch in the coming weeks for a series of videos and articles with much more information.

What is Infor Mongoose?

Infor Mongoose allows the rapid development of applications with minimal coding. These apps can range from large scale enterprise software to small consumer UI web portals. Mobile and tablet versions of your app use shared data and business logic and can be created in minutes, and with the new web designer you’re able to change and customize your app in the web.

Because the attributes and behaviors of your application are stored in metadata, your app will upgrade automatically with new versions of Mongoose, or new version of your app. Your users are able to customize and extend your application to fit their business needs. Mongoose provides enterprise-class core functionality like security and reporting, a wide range of integration options, and is automatically integrated with the Infor tech stack components like Ming.le and ION.

Want to know more about Infor Mongoose? Can’t wait for more blog post? Visit the Infor Mongoose website or contact us.


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