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Infor ION Alarms now available

December 21, 2016

Infor’s Intelligent Open Network (ION) has allowed enterprises to monitor events happening across all of their business critical systems for years including:

  • Rules based exception detection
  • Complex events processing
  • Detect problems as soon as they occur so they minimize impact on business
  • Detect events that should have occurred but did not

However, employees did not have a way to setup their own event monitors.  Creating a monitor still meant opening a ticket to the IT department and waiting for resolution.

Self Service Business Event Monitoring with Infor ION Alarms

Now, with Infor ION 12.0.7, part of the Infor Xi technology platform, you also have the added functionality of Infor ION Alarms.  This enhancement was driven directly by requests from IT departments of Infor customers.  Alarms start with templates created by your business analysts.  These templates provide a library of possible event monitors your employees can then configure and activate from the Infor ION Alarms mobile app.  It is in this way that Infor ION Alarms becomes a self service event notification system empowering your employees. IT is no longer burdened creating custom event monitors for each employee.  The alarms also get created immediately, instead of waiting days or weeks for IT.

How it works

Within the Infor ION Desk under Model > Monitors & Workflows you will now notice a Alarm Templates option.

Alarm Template Screen

(Click to Enlarge)

Once your templates are published using the ION Desk screen above, your employees can use the Infor ION Alarms mobile app to browse the library of templates, choose the monitor they need and configure for themselves with a simple intuitive interface.  Watch the video below for a full demo of the mobile app.

For more information on Infor ION and Infor ION Alarms contact us or see our website as well as the Infor ION Desk User Guide.



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