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Infor Landmark Technology Runtime 11.0.1.X Now Available for Infor Lawson System Foundation

December 20, 2016

By Delmar Dehn, Senior Product Manager

Infor Landmark Technology Runtime 11.0.1.X is now available for operation with Infor Lawson System Foundation and its associated Infor Lawson products on premise. Some of Infor Landmark Technology Runtime 11.0.1.X’s most noteworthy features are Configuration Console enhancements and Infor Process Automation (IPA) 11.0.1.X enhancements. Here is a quick rundown of some of these enhancements:

Configuration Console

Request Actions**: New approach to automating and expeditiously processing user requests for addition of application objects.

Landmark Actions**: Ability to define Entrance and Exit rules to extend application functionality using externalized code or services.

Landmark Scripting**: Ability to extend application using scripting extensions.

Business Classes**: Ability to build new business classes.

** New features available in Infor Landmark Technology Runtime 11.0.1.X.

Infor Process Automation 11.0.1.X

General enhancements:

  • New way to install Infor Process Designer
  • Client and server version checking
  • Run processes on the server through Infor Process Designer
  • Many more

New nodes:

  • SubProcess Node
  • Infor Document Management Node
  • LDAP Query Node
  • SMS Node
  • Social Node
  • Landmark Admin Node
  • Infor Lawson Form Transaction Node

Enhanced nodes:

  • File Access Node
  • JMS Node
  • ION Alert Node
  • ION Notification Node
  • User Action Node

For more details about the Infor Process Automation 11.0.1.X feature enhancements, please see the blog post “Infor Process Automation 11 – What’s New?”

For more details about the required versions to operate Infor Landmark Technology Runtime 11.0.1.X with Infor Lawson System Foundation and each technology platform’s associated products on premise, please see the Infor Lawson Compatibility Matrix document published in the Infor Xtreme Support site’s Documentation section.


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