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Top 5 Ways to Customize the IPA Inbasket

November 18, 2016

From Jena Block, IPA Business Analyst

The Infor Process Automation (IPA) product provides a web based inbasket where users can see work items assigned to them, take action on them, and configure options related to their work. Many customers personalize the look of the inbasket in order to streamline the approval process for their particular business scenario.  Here are the top 5 ways customers change the way the Inbasket works in order meet their needs.  Keep in mind all of these changes use built-in Infor tools and none of them modify product source code.

Set “My Work” or “My Tasks” as Default Page for Users


By default, the Inbasket link will take users to the Inbasket Landing Page, as shown in the picture above. This default can be configured for each user to send them directly to their “My Work” or “My Tasks” page when clicking on the link.  In order to do so, you will need to go to the User Configuration page (Process Server Administrator > Configuration > User Configuration > Users) and select the user you wish to change the default Inbasket link for.  Under the “Lawson for Infor Ming.le” section, change the Inbasket Link Type to either “My Work Link” or “My Tasks Link” and save your changes.  The next time that user logs on and clicks on the Inbasket link, they will be taken directly to the new default page.  This saves every user one click when navigating to their work items.


Hide “My Tasks” and Other Menu Options via Configuration Console

When using the Inbasket, there are several menu options for different pages to view depending on what you are trying to do. For some, all of these options may not be necessary and removing certain menu items would simplify the use of the Inbasket for their users. In Configuration Console, select “Menus” from the left panel and click the create icon. When the “Open Menu” form appears, look for the ProcessFlowMenu. Once found, click on the menu option and then click “Ok” to close the form.


Next, right click on the icon of the menu item you wish to remove from the Inbasket and select “Delete Menu Item”.


Your changes will automatically save and will be reflected right away in your user’s Inbasket.


The image above shows the before and after when deleting menu items. Notice that the menu items are removed from the navigation bar only, and not from the main page itself.  It is recommended that after removing the menu items that you also update your Inbasket Landing Page to reflect the change.  To do this, you will need to make changes to the welcome.html file (located in your %LACFGDIR%/LPS/ file) and delete the cells that contain the removed options.  More information on how to create a custom landing page can be found in your Infor Process Automation Administration Guide.

Hide the Lower Detail Panel of a Work Item

Currently, when viewing your work in the Inbasket, the top half of the page displays the list of work items and the bottom half displays the details for the selected item in that list. For some, having more page real estate to display a longer list of work items is preferred, rather than paging through a few at a time.  The lower section may also be too small to display custom forms.


This can be accomplished by using the Configuration Console to remove the lower panel from the page, as shown in the image above. To do so, navigate to your “My Work” page in Rich Client (This cannot be done in the Web UI). Move the mouse to the menu bar that has the “Open” and “Refresh” buttons. Hold down the ctrl key and shift key at the same time and click to display the list information of what you are currently viewing. Click the “Configure” link to be taken directly to this list in the configuration console.


Once there, if you have no previous configurations for that list, you will see a pop up asking if you would like to create one. Click “Create” when this appears. You will then want to click on the pencil icon located along the top of the right panel on the screen.


Next, look for the section of the code called “Detail Sections” and remove all of that code.


When finished, click the save icon. If you have “My Work” open in Rich Client, you will need to close out and reopen it to view the changes. In your browser, you will only need to refresh the page. In order to view the details of a work item after removing this section, you will simply need to double click on it. Double clicking opens the work item detail in a new larger screen with more room for custom displays.

Message Modals in IPA


If you want to make changes to the fields you see on the message form, you can do so by using the Configuration Console. For example, if you always want the message type to default to a comment, you can set the initial value of that field to comment and either hide the field from the form, or make it read only. To do this, click on the create icon in the “Messages” tab of a work item and move your mouse to the top of the form. Use the Ctrl + Shift + click command to open the Configuration Console directly to this form. Click “Create” if the pop up appears asking if you would like to create a new configuration. From here, select “Message Type” in the left column. In the form, towards the bottom, will be a “Field Attributes” section. For the “Initial Value,” select the option you would like all messages to be. If you want this field hidden, select the “Hidden” checkbox. If you want it to be visible, but read only, select the “Display Only” checkbox.


Once finished, click the save icon to save your changes. Please note that whatever change you make to this form, you may also want to make to the form that allows users to view the message.

Open Related Links in the Current Window


The default functionality when opening a related link belonging to a work item is to open it in a new tab. While some users like this, some may prefer to have the link open up in the current tab they are working in.  With the Configuration Console, it is possible for you to change the Inbasket to work this way.  In order to do so, go to your “My Work” page in the Rich Client and select the “Related Links” tab.  Move your cursor to the menu bar and use the Ctrl + Shift + click command to open the Configuration Console directly to this list.  Click “Create” if the pop up appears asking if you would like to create a new configuration.  From here, click on the pencil icon and look for the line of code that reads “link is external <Url>.”  Remove the word “external” from this line and click the save icon.  The next time your users open a related link, they will be redirected to that link in the current tab.


4 responses to “Top 5 Ways to Customize the IPA Inbasket”

  1. Maria Ross says:

    In Message Modals in IPA, if you select the message default to Comments will the message added be viewable in the comments section of RQ10 and RQC?

    • Jena says:

      Hi Maria,

      No, the messages added using the modal in IPA will not be displayed in the comments section of RQ10 and RQC.

  2. Shawn Van Sluys says:

    Thank you for the awesome information. We are planning to remove the ‘detail’ area from the MyWork display. However, is there a way to also remove the ‘actions’ from displaying in the toolbar? They don’t show in your screen shot but when you use the Web UI, then the actions for the selected inbasket are added to the toolbar. We would like to no show those actions.

    • Jena says:

      Hi Shawn, glad you were able to find this blog useful! Unfortunately, there is not a way to remove the action buttons from the displaying in the toolbar in the Web UI.

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