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Editing an Infor Lawson Global or Role Personalization in Infor Smart Office

July 20, 2016

By Vince McGowan, Senior Principal Software Engineer

In this example we will assume there is a global personalization file for PO20.2 and we want to add another custom label to it.

After opening Infor Smart Office, launch the Lawson Personalization Manager and select the Global source type from the drop down.  You must either have Portal Admin rights or be granted access via the Role Manager to use the Personalization Manager.  This same edit process can be applied to a role personalization by selecting the Role source type and then selecting the role.  User personalizations can only be maintained by the user.

An important point to keep in mind is the merge process that occurs when a form is launched.  The order of precedence is global, then role, then user, with user being the highest.  And personalization items are merged at the group level, not individual items.  So in this case, if any label customizations are defined in the role or user file, those will be applied rather than the global labels.

Also, if all three types of personalizations exist for a form, only role and user personalizations will be applied.

Lawson Personalization Manager

On the next screen highlight the entry for PO20.2.xml and click the Edit button.

Manage Personalizations

The next screen lists the views that are defined within the personalization file.  Highlight the view to be updated and click the Edit button. (All forms have a default view name equal to the token name.) Notice on this screen it would also be possible to add a new view to the global personalization.

PO20.2 Personalization Views

After clicking Edit, the PO20.2 form is launched in Personalization Capture Mode. A menu similar to the form Tools Personalization menu is available by right-clicking. Now you can select Edit Labels, make the label change and click the Save button twice to update the global personalization XML file.

PO Header Options

You are then returned to the Global personalizations screen. You can verify the change by highlighting the PO20.2.xml file and select view.

PO20.2 Personalization XML


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