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Video: What’s new in Infor Ming.le™ 12?

May 9, 2016

This demo highlights new features of Infor Ming.le™ 12 to improve business processes using the new Xi platform. Massimo Cappocia, Infor SVP of Product Management and Development, is your guide.

Read more about Infor Ming.le™ here.


3 responses to “Video: What’s new in Infor Ming.le™ 12?”

  1. Jan Matzen says:

    So what was displayed, is this ming.le enterprise? I would like to see what we will get with plain old Ming.le?

    • samgreen says:

      Hi Jan,
      What you are seeing is an evolution of Infor Ming.le Enterprise. It has many of the same features and a few additional enhancements. We will no longer offer Infor Ming.le Foundation with the move to Xi Platform 12.0.

  2. Joseph O'Toole says:

    We will be upgrading to S3 V10 this year and would prefer going with the most current version. Can Infor comment on an estimated date when Ming.le V12 be GA? Thank you.

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