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Infor Smart Office 10.2.1 HF 11 Now Available

January 31, 2016

With each 10.2.1.x hot fix for Infor Smart Office, in addition to fixes of reported issues, many enhancements have also been included.  The post will describe the more noteworthy ones. (HF6)

1) A new user setting (Always use selected Data Area) will make shortcuts portable across different environments by ignoring any shortcut PDL attributes and to always use the Productline currently defined (and displayed or selected on the Advanced tab) for the user.

2) All alpha filter fields now include search tokens for greater than, greater than or equal, less than, and less than or equal. Note: case sensitivity will apply to these types of searches.

3) For those developing scripts, several coding examples were added to the Object Browser as well as some new date routines in the ScriptUtil class. (HF7)

1) The custom sort feature on List Driven forms is now part of Personalizations and will be saved with the Data View.

2) Another feature for script developers, a new scripting event has been implemented: AfterRulesCall.  A rules call is used to retrieve a data value’s description, for example the company name associated with a company number. (HF8)

1) Filter fields on List Driven forms and Info Browsers now accept the range notation (->) to allow filtering on a range of values. (HF9)

1) A new role based setting, Memory Cache Size, is now provided to control the percentage of available memory that will be used by the Memory Cache manager. The default value is 50% and cache items will be cleared if not accessed for 1 hour.

2) A new role base setting, Disable Table Cache, is now provided to eliminate lookups of table names when not needed to reduce network traffic and server utilization. (If Ming.le is configured table names are required.)

3) Standard form IBCM (Infor Business Object Context Messages used to construct Ming.le default messages) XML are now also cached to disk when retrieved and a new tab on the User Settings Cache tab will display items that are cached.

4) Added the ability to create data views on Info Browsers and added a record count footer to the Info Browser list display similar to List Driven forms. (HF10)

1) Implemented Passive Authentication for Infor Lawson.

2) Many Infor Lawson user settings, previously only persisted on the local PC, will now roam with the user and be copied to the ISO server.

3) Added user setting to allow use of fixed width font in Word documents exported from standard forms.

4) The custom sort feature on Info Browsers is now part of Personalizations and can be saved with the Data View. (HF11)

1) Added toolbar buttons including Zoom control to the script tool.

2) Added settings to allow PDF files to be saved to a folder of user’s choice.

3) Added ability to email the Lawson.Net trace list.


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2 responses to “Infor Smart Office 10.2.1 HF 11 Now Available”

  1. Matthew Hicks says:


    I am in need of assistance. I have M3 Smart Office I need to know how to perform basic operations. Create PO, create Sales order, put away an item, create an item, etc..

  2. Sam G. says:

    Documentation for the M3 application can be found online at the Infor Documentation Central. Specifically,

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