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Infor Lawson Information Investigator – Summary of Changes in 10.2

October 27, 2015

By Bruce Reed, Principal Software Engineer

New Version

A new version of the Infor Lawson Information Investigator (LII) tool is now available. Infor Lawson Information Investigator includes several new enhancements. Please continue reading to learn more about some of the new enhancements.

Uploading to ISA

LII now supports using SSL for uploading information to the Infor Support Assistant (ISA) application.  This feature depends on supporting Perl Modules being installed.  Normally these modules are bundled in Microsoft Windows installations.  If a module is missing, LII will identify the modules needed.  Use of SSL is configured at the command line using this command:  perl isassl on

LII now only uploads new BODs to ISA.  If any BODs have not been updated since the last upload, they will be skipped.

The LII menu contains two new options related to ISA support.  One option is to regenerate BODs from existing LII XML data.  This option can be used to regenerate BODs with new information or formatting when a new version of LII is installed.  The other menu option provides the capability of uploading to ISA from the menu rather than requiring command-line access.

IBM-AIX System Configuration Errors

In some cases an IBM-AIX system configuration error has resulted in a server reporting itself in a domain other than the one reported by the DNS server.  LII now detects this and reports the error, and can recover from this once the error is corrected.


On Microsoft Windows, opening a Zip file as a folder and running a program from that folder would use the Microsoft Windows directory as the “current directory”.  This resulted in LII being installed into the Microsoft Windows directory.  LII now detects this and prevents this from occurring.  If this was done with a prior release of LII, it can now be easily cleaned up using a new tool included in LII –

Improved IBMi support

LII now has improved IBMi support.  Autostart is now supported on IBMi, as well as using an IBMi server as the Central Server.

Improved support of Infor Lawson System Foundation on Microsoft Windows

On Microsoft Windows, the LII service and LII collection processes run under the System ID by default.  This caused issues when collecting information for Infor Lawson System Foundation (LSF) environments if the System user was not granted access in Infor Lawson Security.  One solution was to change the LII startup task to use the ‘lawson’ login.

Now, if LII detects it does not have LSF GEN access, it uses alternate methods to collect LSF information.  There are some details, such as Language installations, that LII is not able to collect this way, but the information omitted is not considered critical.  See the LII Install Guide for additional information.

Detailed version reporting for LSF and Infor Lawson Applications

LII now includes features that can provide reports of detailed versions of LSF objects and Infor Lawson Application source files.  These reports can be generated on demand and downloaded separate from other LII information.

More Information

For more information about the LII, please see the LII article posted on the Infor Lawson Technology Blog or Contact Us.


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