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Infor Smart Office 10.2.1 new features

July 19, 2015

By Sam Green

Infor Smart Office 10.2.1 is now generally available for Infor Lawson users to download.  This release contains bug fixes and new features.  This blog post is a high level summary of the top features in Infor Smart Office 10.2.1 for Infor Lawson users.  For more information see the Release Notes on Infor Xtreme.

General Enhancements

  • New central cache and Role/User caching options.  More details will be coming in a future blog post.
  • Converted help from using ISO Companion to Infor InfoCenter.  With InfoCenter users can provide an optional parameter setting the language.

New Role settings added to control access to items in the Lawson Other branch of the Navigator.


  • A number of enhancements have been made regarding the relationship between the Settings Editor and Role settings.
    • Four user settings that are set exclusively by the Role have been removed from the Settings Editor: Allow bookmarks, Allow personalization, Allow user script, and Compact transaction.
    • Application settings for list sizes in the Settings Editor were also always being overridden by Role values for list sizes.  Now, however, by setting the Role list values to zero (which was previously not possible) the application settings will be used.  So to use application wide values for users of the default (or any other) Role, it would be necessary to use the Role Manager to edit the default values and set them to zero. Additionally, the User Settings dialog is more aware of lock settings established in the Settings Editor.
  • The Personalization Manager now allows Drill Select personalizations to be copied to another user.

Standard Forms

  • Added default context message when posting to Ming.le.


  • Added grey shading to form tab controls as per new SoHo standard.
  • BlankZero is now a field attribute accessible for personalization on the Form Properties Data tab.
  • It is now possible to export single form view from the Manage Views dialog.

List Driven Forms

List processing settings can now be used to list only those forms desired to be rendered as a list rather than entering forms to be excluded.  Also, audit and detail forms, accessible only from standard forms, will always be rendered as a list regardless of role or user list settings.


  • A toolbox panel for shortcuts, similar to that available on standard forms, is now available for list driven forms.
  • The Criteria personalizations are now editable.
  • It is now possible to export a single Data View from the Manage Data Views dialog.
  • Filter fields defined as upper case will perform a case sensitive search.


  • Script tool now includes code completion and F1 context-sensitive help features for Lawson-specific classes.
  • Added support for custom editable combo boxes and ability to set data value and display value for custom combo box items.
  • Added Open and Delete buttons to the View Published Script dialog.

Added Share menu to the Object Browser.


  • New IForm method to rename a tab page: RenameTabPage.

Jobs & Reports

  • The SubmitJob task query string now accepts an optional parameter, jobQueue.
  • Print file links in a batch token’s toolbox will have an LSR option if Smart Reports are enabled.

To improve performance on Job and Reports lists, filter values will now be treated as case sensitive and a new application setting to disable this behavior is available in the Settings Editor.


Info Browser

  • The ‘Filtering Data’ message now remains visible until filtering is complete.
  • The Criteria settings are now editable.




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