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Recording available for complimentary Lawson training webinar— Infor Process Automation, automate user administration

July 8, 2015

View the webinar recording >

More than 650 people joined this popular session. Infor Education Consultant, Glen Rexing demonstrates 3 different scenarios for how IPA can be leveraged to automate user administration tasks and processes.

Webinar session details: Complimentary recorded webinar for all users of Infor Lawson and Infor Landmark systems. Glen Rexing demonstrates hiring an employee and shows how IPA can establish basic user access to Infor Lawson and Infor Landmark systems. This session will inspire you to reach further into the powerful process-related features of Infor Process Automation, and help you get the most out of the solution.

Audience: Infor Lawson and Infor Landmark Users (administrators, application users, application process owners)

Want to deepen your IPA knowledge? Attend one of our instructor-led courses. Contact to find the perfect class.



2 responses to “Recording available for complimentary Lawson training webinar— Infor Process Automation, automate user administration”

  1. Tammy Viola says:

    Video for this cannot be found.

    • Sam G. says:

      The video can be found on Infor Xtreme at the following link: IPA: User Automation

      Please note that the concept is ok and still works but there has been an identified change to the LSF Structure that requires an ISS sync if you want to edit the users created through this process. There are some hidden LDAP objects that only get populated through ISS user to build or through sync to fix. But works perfectly otherwise. There is no way to initialize the hidden objects in LSF LDAP with the Resource Update node used.

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