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Infor Lawson System Foundation – Noteworthy New Enhancements

April 21, 2015

By Delmar Dehn, Senior Product Manager

Infor Lawson System Foundation was released in April 2015 and it contains many noteworthy new enhancements that will interest our blog readers. Here is a quick rundown of what you will find in this release:

Bouncy Castle installation is now automated with JDK 1.7.

In previous versions of Infor Lawson System Foundation (LSF), Bouncy Castle had to be manually installed if JDK 1.7 was used. With LSF, Bouncy Castle installs automatically with JDK 1.7.

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 is now supported.

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 is now supported. This is useful for those customers wanting to update their application server operating system.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is now supported.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is now supported. This is useful for those customers wanting to update their database.

Direct IOS enhancements.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Transport for Direct IOS is now available. Client / server communication is private because authentication and encryption occurs between the channels. This enhancement requires configuration. Only PKCS12 Store type is supported for this configuration and Bouncy Castle is required.

The Lawson for Infor Ming.leTM configuration file (portalconfig.xml) has been added to the Custom Content menu.

The analysis tools available in the Custom Content menu in Lawson for Infor Ming.le have been enhanced to include analysis of portalconfig.xml, the main configuration file for customizing Lawson for Infor Ming.le. The portalconfig analysis tool tells you if a node in the file has content that needs to be reviewed. Infor recommends that the portalconfig.xml file be analyzed every time an update to Lawson for Infor Ming.le is installed. The installation document has been updated to include this step.

Lawson for Infor Ming.le enhancements for end-users.

· Employee Information – this web part allows viewing of information related to Employee History, ACH Distribution, Payroll YTD Totals, Benefits and Absence Plan.
· Invoice Payment Details – this web part allows Lawson for Infor Ming.le users to view Invoice, Payment and Bank Transaction details.
· Recurring Job Definition – this form allows users to schedule jobs to run on a recurring basis.

New web tools in LSF Administration Tools.

The following enhancements have been added to Lawson for Infor Ming.le administration home page:

  • Printer Definition – allows administrators to define, update or remove printers.
  • Printer Group Definition – allows administrators to define, update or remove printer groups.
  • Job Queue Definition – allows administrators to define, update or remove job queues.
  • Job Queue Group Definition – allows administrators to define, update or remove job queue groups.

Enhanced security available for Infor Lawson Add-ins for Microsoft Office.

Security for the Infor Lawson Add-ins for Microsoft Office product has been enabled for greater flexibility in assigning and denying access. Security administrators can now create specific rules for their site and assign them to user roles as needed.

Infor Lawson Smart Reports features.

Infor Lawson Smart Reports (LSR) has been enhanced with the following features:

· LSR formatted reports are now available for programs with CSV print file only.
Reports can now be viewed in LSR format for programs with comma-separated values (CSV) as sole data source.

· Added BN171 and AC206 on the list of selected programs that has LSR pre-defined template.
BN171 and AC206 reports are now based on LSR pre-defined templates.

· Scope of changes for pre-defined templates in LSR.
Pre-defined templates applied to selected programs are now applied across its locale.

· LSR Dynamic Header Logo based on Company Parameter.
LSR now supports dynamic load of the logo based on Company supplied during job submission. The recommended dimension for the header logo is 35 x 230 pixels.

In Infor Lawson Smart Reports Designer (LSR Designer), the option to edit the dynamic header logo is now available in two ways:

  • By editing the companylogopath properties in the Reports Parameter section;
  • And by specifying the company logo path in the Parameter dialog window, upon previewing the report template in LSR Designer.


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