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Learn to Personalize and Configure Landmark Applications

February 4, 2015

By Sam Green

Every company has unique requirements for their business applications. However, modifications and customizations are expensive to implement and inhibit the ability to upgrade to new releases.  Your requirements may be as simple as changing labels on a form to match your Company’s vernacular, or they may be more complex.

For Infor Landmark based applications the solution is two-fold: Personalize and

Configure.Personalizing Applications provides users:

  • Personal UI Experience: Users can hide, highlight, and style labels and fields
  • Personal List Views: Users can modify delivered lists to see the information they desire
  • Increases in Productivity: Users can personalize pages to make it easier to use the applications they use most often

Configuring Applications provides companies:

  •  Increases in User Adoption: By improving the user experience by creating efficiencies down to the field level, will increase end-user adoption of the applications
  • Increases in Productivity: Application UI can be tailored by the client
  • Open and Agile Information: Providing access to Landmark application data using Web Services
  • Lower Cost of Implementation: Pre-delivered security templates
  • Lower Cost of Ownership: Clients manage own security
  • Lower Cost of Maintenance: Client application upgrades are easy

Configuration Console is a tool within the Infor Rich Client that enables administrators to make several types of configurations that affect applications and users. Configuration changes can be made to the Application Views, Security Rules, Web Services, and MIME Types. Additionally, individual users can use the Personalization features of Infor Landmark to customize the applications they use.

When you make configuration changes through the Configuration Console, the changes apply to all users and are done by administrators to alter the delivered application to fit the business need. This is in contrast to the changes make through the My Personalizations console, which apply only to the user making the change unless that user has the privilege to make the change global and chooses to do so. Personalizations override Configurations and both modes can be individually secured.

Watch this blog in the coming weeks as we showcase some of these features that are available in Configuration Console and My Personalizations console.


Above: Modifying the color and emphasis of a label with a personalization. 



2 responses to “Learn to Personalize and Configure Landmark Applications”

  1. Peter says:

    This is great – but how about conditionally customizing a field label based on it’s associated field’s value?
    e.g. – the label turns red when a number is negative?

  2. Sam Green says:

    Landmark configuration and personalization does not support conditionally label colors.
    A potential solution could be implemented using the Configuration Console. Users assigned the security class GobalUIConfigAccess_ST have access to Configuration Console by clicking Start | Configure |Applications in the Infor Rich Client.
    If a delivered application condition field does not meet your needs, then you will need to access to the Configuration Console to create a new User Field Condition in the business class. This condition will be something like: NumberField < 0. Once you have a condition, you can use the Configuration Console full personalization feature (Start | My Personalization) to personalize the form. This opens the personalization in the Configuration Console, which has more capabilities than the Limited Personalization screens that are accessed from the screen’s option menu. The potential solution is to add the field on the form twice and use a visibleWhen condition to display the field with the appropriate label color. LPL snippet follows.
    visible when (MyCondition)
    label is default
    color of red
    visible when (!MyCondition)
    label is default

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