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Using Ming.le in Infor Smart Office 10.2.0

October 27, 2014

By Sam Green, Software Architect

In a previous post we described some of the new features that are available in Infor Smart Office 10.2.0.  In this video we will show how the new social capabilities provided by the integration with Infor Ming.letm allow users to share relevant business data with those who need it most.  Some of the new features seen include:

  • A toolbar icon provides the ability to post links in the Infor Ming.letm feed.
  • Infor Ming.letm Notifications for the current user are displayed
  • Users can share shortcuts and screenshots to Infor Ming.letm directly from an Infor Lawson form.
  • Users can work with Posts, Alerts, and Tasks from Infor Ming.letm directly in Infor Smart Office.
  • New “My Feed” widget displays the activity feed
  • New “Alerts” widget displays a list of alerts for the current user
  • New “Tasks” widget displays the list of tasks for the current user.
  • Drillback links to Infor Lawson forms are supported in the Infor Ming.le feed.

Additionally, we showcase the Infor Lawson Technology Blog widget that displays recent posts and provides links to this very Blog within Infor Smart Office’s web browser. This can be helpful for following along in some of our Blog’s tutorials.


2 responses to “Using Ming.le in Infor Smart Office 10.2.0”

  1. Can mingle be used with Lawson 9.0.1 technology/apps or do you need to be on 10?

  2. Sam Green says:

    Infor Ming.le Enterprise was first supported in Infor Lawson Applications 10.0.4 and additional feature support has been added with each release.

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