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How to add Alerts to BODs in Infor ION

October 13, 2014

By Sam Green, Software Architect

Infor Lawson customers are adopting Infor ION for many different integration scenarios. However, Infor ION can be used for more than an interface hub.  It can also monitor transactions moving through the system and raise alerts to your employees when a preset condition occurs.

In the video below you will find a demonstration on how to create a new Infor ION Event Monitor. I’ll accomplish this by duplicating a monitor that is delivered with the Infor Lawson ION Connector. All of the configuration steps taken in the demonstration are completed in the Infor ION Desk application on the Event Management page. Event management offers functionality to monitor business events based on pre-defined business rules and alert users when exceptions occur.

You can monitor these business event types:
– Individual instances of BODs (Business Object Documents)
For example, Vendor information is updated and the update is sent in a SupplierPartyMaster BOD
– Combinations of multiple events
For example, a purchase order and its related receipt are sent through ION
– Non-occurrence of events
For example, a receipt is received for a purchase order that has not been sent

The Infor Lawson Applications have been enabled to work with ION Connect through the Infor Lawson ION Connector and can use the Event Management functionality. After installing the Infor Lawson ION Connector you can configure and activate the Event Monitors that are delivered with the product. There are currently over two dozen monitors delivered specifically for Infor Lawson customers. Some examples include a monitor alerting users when a Vendor is added to Accounts Payable, an Activity is created, and a purchase order is created for over $10,000.

When each of these monitors is triggered, an alert is posted to members’ News Feeds in Infor Ming.le Enterprise who are in a predetermined distribution group assigned to that monitor. If desired, users can be sent an email with the same alert information. The distribution groups and email settings are both configurable so they can be adapted to an organization’s needs. Even though the monitors are delivered in a single content file, they can be activated individually. If distribution groups are used to deliver alerts to users, the appropriate setup must be completed within the Infor Federated Services application.

For more details on what monitors are delivered and how they are configured see the Infor Lawson ION Content Guide available on Infor Xtreme.


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